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Richard K. Blier

The Vancouver Island Trails Information Society is a non- profit society dedicated to providing accurate information to the
public about parks and trails on Vancouver Island.

The society achieves this goal by publishing three hiking trail guides covering Vancouver Island. Information is gathered with the assistance of dedicated hikers and climbers who have contributed accurate descriptions of trail conditions, suggested corrections and pointed the way to new hiking destinations, and with the help of agencies such as BC Parks, Capitol Regional District and others.
The first edition of Hiking Trails I Victoria & Vicinity was published in 1972. By 1975 it had been reprinted five times and already revised, expanded and retitled; The first edition of Book II, Southeastern Vancouver Island was published in 1973 and Book III, Northern Vancouver Island including Strathcona Park followed in 1975.

Originally the society was formed as the Outdoor Club of Victoria Trails Information Society under the direction and leadership of Editor, Jane Waddell. In 1993, in an effort to better describe the scope of our work, and to eliminate long-standing confusion, the name of the Society was changed to the Vancouver Island Trails Information Society.
As of 2007, the books are in their thirteenth, eighth and ninth editions (Hiking Trails I, II and III respectively).

Our society has an unbroken 35 year history of producing hiking trails books covering all of Vancouver Island. We also maintain an up to date web site with additional support and resource information. Our volunteer members maintain the operation of the society and guide the production of the books