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Nelly Kazenbroot

Nelly Kazenbroot lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia with her husband and two rather lively children who inspire and hinder all her artist projects. She is a prize-winning painter and writer, and has been published in literary magazines across Canada. Netherlandic Press in Toronto published forty of her adult poems in a book entitled "Wild Life". After that, Nelly was commissioned to write the lyrics for a cycle of children’s songs and for an adult choral piece, entitled Elementals. This kept her spirit from drooping completely while she was trying to break into the children’s book publishing market. Orca Book Publishers picked up the first one of her self-illustrated chapter books for young readers in 2000. Down the Chimney with Googol and Googolplex was quickly followed by two more books about the same charmingly silly robots from outer space.

Nelly’s days are now divided between her family, her art, and her writing, though not always equally. Her present projects include everything from picture books, to adult fiction, to large surreal paintings. In her non-existent spare time, she mosaics tabletops, plays with cats and chinchillas, and tends to her large English-style garden.

Nelly is available to give school and library presentations and to appear at literary events. Her large stuffed robot, Googol, is also available to help read any story that is about him and friend, Googolplex. For more information, visit www.nellykazenbroot.com.

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