What Does a Caterpillar Do?

  • Illustrated By: Lucy Rogers
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Morello
  • Themes:caterpillar, bugs, insects, in memory, what makes us special
  • Available:09/01/2020
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
The world around us is full of millions and millions of often underappreciated but amazingly fantastic bugs. From the tiny ant to the big, beautiful butterfly, each has its own unique characteristics that allow it to thrive in its environment. What Does a Caterpillar Do? shows children some of these bugs through the eyes of a cheeky caterpillar as they learn about what makes the insects so different.

Featuring bright and beautiful illustrations from Lucy Rogers, What Does A Caterpillar Do? takes us on a wonderful journey through nature to meet bugs like bees, ladybugs and dragonflies. Each insect radiates personality as the curious caterpillar attempts to mirror their unique characteristics. The simple narrative uses trusted teaching techniques of repetition and humor to guide younger children through the story.

What Does A Caterpillar Do? was written in memory of Chloe and Aubrey Berry, and all profits are being donated to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre.
What Does a Caterpillar Do? by David McArthur is a delightful children’s book. I recommend it for children between the ages of two and six.
– Online Book Club
This is a lovely book that belongs on every child's bookshelf. The illustrations are bright and humorous with lots of engaging detail. The pattern of the story, in question and answer format, encourages interaction and will appeal to young readers and nature lovers everywhere. I highly recommend this book.
– Jennifer Ross, Goodreads
My kids and I read What Does a Caterpillar Do often! I love how engaging it is and the kids love the bright wonder-filled illustrations. We have owned other "what does" books released in the past and they were also hits in our family.
– Michael Ford, Google Reviews
I love reading What Does a Caterpillar Do? to my grandchild. I think what makes this book work so well, other than the incredible illustrations of course, is the repetition, the suspense, and its simple complexity. It is an utter delight. In my opinion, this book is up there with some of the all-time greats like, James and the Giant Peach.
– Mike Wicks, Google Reviews
This sweet picture book is brilliant for kids, with its gorgeous illustrations and fun read-aloud that is begging to have children reciting along. It is always fun as an educator to have a book that has the class chanting along with you as it is read!
– Angela Scandale, Goodreads
My daughters and I love sitting down and reading David's book What Does a Caterpillar Do? at least a few times a week! The girls love the illustrations as there is so much to see. Lucy really brought each character to life and gave them so much personality
– Chris Palliser, Goodreads

This is such a fun, easy read for our kids and the bright illustrations quickly captured the eyes of our little readers. What Does a Caterpillar Do? has quickly become a favourite in our house. 

– Andy Neal, Goodreads

There are lots of books for children on insects, but David McArthur’s picture book, What Does A Caterpillar Do?, is a truly unique, interactive approach to introducing young children to a selection of different insects and what makes them so special. 

– Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Reader's Favorite

What Does a Caterpillar Do? is a beautiful book that takes children on a journey to discover caterpillars and other insects. Author David McArthur has created a wonderful story that helps children—and teachers and parents—explore the world around them

– Barbara Fanson, Reader's Favorite
What Does A Caterpillar Do? by David McArthur pulls young minds into the often taken for granted wonders of nature. It reminds us to appreciate the wonders of the world and to pass that knowledge to the next generations. 
– Bruce Arrington, Reader's Favorite
David McArthur has done a brilliant job in creating a colorful book that names a variety of insects and tells us what they can do that makes them special.
– Tiffany Ferrell, Reader's Favorite
McArthur’s book is perfect for story time, but it’s especially suitable for a new reader to try on their own. What Does A Caterpillar Do? is most highly recommended.
– Jack Magnus, Readers's Favorite