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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 168
Themes: mystery, art, skull, northern Ontario, danger, suspense, Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, lake
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 20/Sep/2016
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A trip to a remote lake in northern Ontario with his grandfather doesn't thrill Steve, especially since his twin brother, DJ, was taken to Central America. Matters start to look up when his grandfather tells Steve about the mysterious death of the artist Tom Thomson and sets him the task of finding Thomson's missing skull. Steve loves mysteries, but when odd things begin happening and strange people start threatening him, Steve wonders whether this is part of his grandfather's plan. Is this still a simple puzzle, or is something far more sinister going on?

In this thrilling prequel to Lost Cause and Broken Arrow, the history- and mystery-loving Steve ends up in remote northern Ontario.

CM Magazine
"Wilson successfully creates a series of layered mysteries each more compelling than the last...The Missing Skull is a great, fast-paced read...Recommended."
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"Well-written and well-planned series about the seven grandsons of David McLean…Mystery buffs will enjoy the mysterious tale of Thomson's death and the trail of clues set up by Grandpa, even when Steve misinterprets the clues and mayhem ensues. The remote northern Ontario landscape, complete with cold lake, rocks and bush along with the cabin lacking electricity and water highlights the real camping experience unfamiliar to so many urban students. Dialogue is modern and up to date with Steve's friend Sam's computer googling and their cell phone chats grounding the story in the present day."


CCBC Best Books  | 2017 | Commended