Teacher Guide for the Sk'ad'a Stories


From the creators of Potlatch as Pedagogy: Learning Through Ceremony, the Sḵ'ad'a Stories series brings intergenerational learning to life. Haida children learn important life lessons from their Elders through real-life situations, cultural traditions, and experiences out on the land.

Written by Sḵ'ad'a Stories author Sara Florence Davidson and educator Katya Adamov Ferguson, the Teacher Guide for the Sḵ'ad'a Stories helps teachers engage their students through the lens of intergenerational learning and authentic experiences. This guide

  • outlines the Sḵ'ad'a principles found in the stories
  • shows how to use the Sḵ'ad'a principles in your classroom
  • provides the behind-the-scenes thinking of the authors and illustrator
  • explains the significance of this series as part of Haida cultural resurgence and preservation
  • provides critical perspectives on the impact of colonialism on Haida knowledges
  • includes resources and inspirations for educators

This teacher guide is appropriate for all grade levels.