Teacher Guide for A Girl Called Echo

  • Pages:80
  • Publisher:Portage & Main Press
  • Pub Date:05/17/2022

$25.95 USD

The A Girl Called Echo series tells the story of Métis teenager Echo Desjardins, who is struggling to adjust to a new school and a new home while in foster care. Readers follow Echo as she travels through time and experiences pivotal events from Métis history, gains new perspectives about where she came from, and imagines what the future might hold.

Written by Anishinaabe educator Reuben Boulette, the Teacher Guide for A Girl Called Echo includes

  • lesson plans specific to each book in the A Girl Called Echo series
  • original articles outlining the history of the Métis Nation and their fight for sovereignty
  • in-depth reading activities that engage students’ critical thinking skills
  • activities that introduce students to the critical study of graphic novels and sequential art

This teacher guide will engage students’ understanding of Métis history and culture and encourage reflection on the importance of learning Indigenous histories.