Siha Tooskin Knows the Gifts of His People

  • Illustrated By: Chloe Bluebird Mustooch
  • Pages:24
  • Publisher:Portage & Main Press
  • Series: Siha Tooskin Knows
  • Themes:indigenous beliefs, picture book, for kids, nakota, nakoda
  • Available:05/26/2020
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
  • Lexile:960L
  • Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient:R

Transportation, housing, agriculture, communications…there are so many modern conveniences. But are they really modern? Where did they really come from?

Paul Wahasaypa—Siha Tooskin—will learn about their origins and more on his walk home from school with Ade (his father). There’s so much to learn about the earliest forms of technology, travel, medicine, and food from right here on Turtle Island. Come along with Paul and Ade to hear all about the gifts of his people.

The Siha Tooskin Knows series uses vivid narratives and dazzling illustrations in contemporary settings to share stories about an 11-year-old Nakota boy.

#SihaTooskinKnows…, with its words and illustrations, is a love letter to our family, culture, resilience, and pride.
Reconciliation is a big word, and it is a big job. Authors Wilson and Charlene Bearhead show us that even storybook characters can help when they are brought alive in authentic cultural settings. Meet Paul Wahasaypa, also known as Siha Tooskin or Little Foot, as he dances his way through these colourful pages, sharing some of the things he loves most with his new, non-Indigenous friend Jeff…his culture, his powwow dances, and even his beloved Uncle Lenard with all his teachings and teasing! More than an adventure between new friends, this is a colourful, youth-friendly, cultural exchange based on kindness, respect, and willingness to share and to learn.

Among The Globe and Mail's twelve children’s books that will inspire and enlighten

– The Globe and Mail

There are many reasons to love this series. Highly Recommended.

– Bit About Books

5 out of 5 stars

While the reading level of Siha Tooskin Knows the Gifts of His People is designed for elementary students, the content is perfect for K-8. It talks about the struggle Siha Tooskin faces in appreciating and understanding his culture...with the inclusion of a few words in the Nakota language. Overall I think this is a worthwhile book for any classroom or home library.

– NetGalley

This is much-needed representation in children's books and it does a great job of dispelling myths about Native American culture and teaching some history...I plan to check out other books in the series with my kids.

– NetGalley

This is an easy book to make children think about their surroundings [and] it would be excellent for kindergarten teachers to plan their teachings.

– NetGalley