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Blood Ties
By (author):   Barbara Fradkin
ISBN:  9781459818255
Price: $9.95
In this work of crime fiction, country handyman Cedric O'Toole finds his life turned upside down when a stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.

Art's Supplies
By (author):   Chris Tougas
ISBN:  9781459806139
Price: $9.99
In this picture book, Art's art supplies throw a party, play with puns and get creative.

Lucy Tries Short Track Read-Along
By (author):   Lisa Bowes   Illustrated by:   James Hearne   Read by:   Heather Gould
ISBN:  9781459817562
Price: $9.99
In this picture book and follow-up to Lucy Tries Luge, Lucy and her friends lace up their skates and try short track speed skating.

Justine Mckeen vs. the Queen of Mean
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer   Illustrated by:   Dave Whamond
ISBN:  9781459803992
Price: $5.99
In the sixth installment of the Justine McKeen, Queen of Green series, Justine is faced with the challenge of convincing the Queen of Mean that being environmentally conscious is worthwhile.

The Ballad of Knuckles McGraw
By (author):   Lois Peterson
ISBN:  9781554694372
Price: $5.99
After Kevin's mother abandons him, he takes refuge in his fantasy of becoming a cowboy, but his reality is a foster home and grandparents he doesn't know.

Charlie's Key
By (author):   Rob Mills
ISBN:  9781554698745
Price: $7.99
A young orphan struggles to unlock the significance of an old key left to him by his dying father.

Black Chuck
By (author):   Regan McDonell
ISBN:  9781459816329
Price: $11.99
In this gritty young adult novel, RĂ©al struggles with his guilt over a friend's violent death and his feelings for the dead boy's pregnant girlfriend.

Rebel's Tag
By (author):   K.L. Denman
ISBN:  9781554696963
Price: $8.99
After receiving a letter from his estranged grandfather, Samuel begins to learn about forgiveness and grieving.

Beyond Repair Digital Class Set + License
By (author):   Lois Peterson
ISBN:  9781459829015
Price: $39.95
Still grieving over the death of his father, Cam is worried that he is being stalked.

You Hold Me Up Digital Audiobook
By (author):   Monique Gray Smith   Read by:   Heather Gould
ISBN:  9781459817722
Price: $4.99
An evocative picture book intended to foster reconciliation among children and encourage them to show each other love and support.

By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer
ISBN:  9781459807303
Price: $9.95
Jace has taken up boxing on the wrong side of the tracks as he prepares to seek vengeance on his abusive father with two other teen vigilantes in this fast-paced entry in the Retribution trilogy.

A Bear's Life
Photographs by:   Ian McAllister   By (author):   Nicholas Read
ISBN:  9781459812727
Price: $9.99
This nonfiction picture book is full of stunning wildlife photographs of the bears of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

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