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Dawn Patrol
By author: Jeff Ross
ISBN:  9781459800649
Price: $7.99
When their surfer friend Kevin disappears in Panama, Luca and Esme risk more than just big waves to find him.

Devil's Pass Unabridged CD Audiobook
By author: Sigmund Brouwer   Narrator: Mike Casey
ISBN:  9781459808850
Price: $29.95
Webb, a young street musician, faces grizzly bears and a madman on the Canol Trail when he tries to fulfill a request in his late grandfather's will.

Why Do Families Change?
By author: Dr. Jillian Roberts   Illustrated by: Cindy Revell
ISBN:  9781459809536
Price: $4.99
A nonfiction picture book that introduces very young children to the concept of separation and divorce in a reassuring and straightforward way.

On Our Street Read-Along
By authors: Dr. Jillian Roberts, Jaime Casap   Illustrated by: Jane Heinrichs
ISBN:  9781459820456
Price: $9.99

La guerra de las bandas
By author: K. L. Denman
ISBN:  9781554694938
Price: $7.99
Josh, Kel y Cia son los Lunar Ticks, una banda de rock adolescente en camino al estrellato.

Pedal It!
By author: Michelle Mulder
ISBN:  9781459802193
Price: $19.95
This illustrated book of nonfiction for middle-grades describes how bicycles can be used for many things apart from transportation.

First Time
By author: Meg Tilly
ISBN:  9781551439440
Price: $9.95
While her best friend drifts away, fifteen-year-old Haley must fight off the unwelcome advances of her mother's new boyfriend.

By (author): Alex Van Tol
ISBN:  9781554693054
Price: $9.95
Jill is enduring a brutal summer job on a mountain ranch, guiding wannabe-cowboys on trail rides. On a solo ride with a handsome stranger she ends up in a fight for her life with no one to help her.

Trouble in the Trees
By author: Yolanda Ridge
ISBN:  9781554699698
Price: $5.99
When tree-climbing is banned at her townhouse complex, Bree assumes a new role in her community: activist and advocate.

Casey Little, Yo-Yo Queen
By author: Nancy Belgue
ISBN:  9781459805996
Price: $5.99
When a magical carnival sets up across the street from Casey Little's house, it turns out that she will have to overcome her deepest fear if she is to have any chance of making her dream come true.

Junkyard Dog
By author: Monique Polak
ISBN:  9781554693771
Price: $7.99
At his new job taking care of guard dogs, Justin discovers that the working dogs are being mistreated.

By author: Eric Walters
ISBN:  9781551435008
Price: $9.95
Ian decides to take a stand against a fast-food multinational.

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