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J'ai le cœur rempli de bonheur
By (author):   Monique Gray Smith   Illustrated by:   Julie Flett   Translated by:   Rachel Martinez
ISBN:  9781459825345
Price: $19.95
Cet album invite les enfants à se réjouir des petits bonheurs de la vie.
Tout petit toi
By (author):   Richard Van Camp   Illustrated by:   Julie Flett   Translated by:   Rachel Martinez
ISBN:  9781459825444
Price: $19.95
Cet album cartonné poétique destiné aux bébés et aux bambins célèbre tous les enfants et la joie que les bébés apportent dans le monde.
Tú eres tú
By (author):   Richard Van Camp   Illustrated by:   Julie Flett   Translated by:   Lawrence Schimel
ISBN:  9781459825475
Price: $6.95
Un libro poético en cartoné que celebra cada niño y la alegría que los bebés traen al mundo.
Mentoring Each Other
By (author)s:   Lana Parker, Diane Vetter
ISBN:  9781551383460
Price: $24.95
Practical ways teachers can support each other as they reflect on their practice, implement new strategies, and strive for teaching excellence.
Cultivating Writers
By (author)s:   Anne Elliott, Mary Lynch
ISBN:  9781551383453
Price: $24.95
A practical teacher resource that shares strategies and lessons for cultivating the will to write in Grades 3–8.
When We Are Kind
By (author):   Monique Gray Smith   Illustrated by:   Nicole Neidhardt
ISBN:  9781459825222
Price: $19.95
This dual-language beautiful picture book looks at how the simple act of being kind, to others and oneself, affects all aspects of a child’s life.
Grandmother School
By (author):   Rina Singh   Illustrated by:   Ellen Rooney
ISBN:  9781459819054
Price: $19.95
This brilliantly illustrated picture book tells the story of the Aajibaichi Shala, the Grandmother School, that was opened in Phangane, India, in 2016 to teach local grandmothers how to read and write.

Bath Time!
By (author):   Eric Walters   Illustrated by:   Christine Battuz
ISBN:  9781459821309
Price: $10.95
A brightly colored board book that uses alliteration and animals to make bath time fun for baby.

Heads Up
By (author):   Melanie Siebert   Illustrated by:   Belle Wuthrich
ISBN:  9781459819115
Price: $24.95
This nonfiction book for teen readers is a guide to understanding mental health and coping with mental illness, trauma and recovery. It features real-life stories of resilient teens and highlights innovative approaches to mental health challenges.

What Matters
By (author):   Alison Hughes   Illustrated by:   Holly Hatam
ISBN:  9781459826410
Price: $12.95
In this picture book, the ripple effect of one child's small action shows how we can all make a big environmental difference.
90 Days of Different
By (author):   Eric Walters
ISBN:  9781459826427
Price: $14.95
In this novel for teens, Sophie graduates from high school, her boyfriend breaks up with her because she's boring, and her best friend challenges her to try 90 different things.

If a Tree Falls
By (author):   Nikki Tate
ISBN:  9781459823556
Price: $19.95
Part of the nonfiction Orca Footprints series for middle readers and illustrated with color photographs. Find out how global deforestation affects the planet and what you can do to keep forests healthy for future generations.
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