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Dying to Please You
By (author)s:   Roland Chrisjohn, Shaunessy M. McKay, Andrea O. Smith
ISBN:  9781926886466
Price: $32.95

Daughters Are Forever
By (author):   Lee Maracle
ISBN:  9781926886275
Price: $19.95

Memories of a Metis Settlement
Edited by:   Constance Brissenden
ISBN:  9781926886503
Price: $12.95

Midnight Sweatlodge
By (author):   Waubgeshig Rice
ISBN:  9781926886145
Price: $18.95
i? siw?kw nkwancin?m k'?l suli? / The Water Sings to Suli?
By (author):   Harron Hall   Illustrated by:   Shianna Allison
ISBN:  9781926886671
Price: $15.95
A little girl meets a water spirit who asks her to protect and care for the water.

kwu?c'?xw?ntim t?l stunx isck'wuls / Lessons From Beaver's Work
By (author):   Harron Hall   Illustrated by:   Bill Cohen
ISBN:  9781926886688
Price: $15.95
Beaver shares his teachings on how he shapes the land.

sk?p'lk'mitkw / Water Changeling
By (author):   Harron Hall   Illustrated by:   Phyllis Isaac
ISBN:  9781926886664
Price: $15.95
The journey and transformation of water from the tops of the mountains down through the rivers and streams, told from a Syilx perspective.

k?xntim s?anixw k'?l nixwtitkw i? acxw?lxwalt / We Go with Muskrat to Those Living Underwater
Illustrated by:   Ron Hall   By (author):   Harron Hall
ISBN:  9781926886695
Price: $15.95
Muskrat takes the children through all the many fish that live in the water of the Okanagan valley.

Taking Care of Mother Earth
By (author):   Leanne Flett Kruger   Illustrated by:   Marie-Micheline Hamelin
ISBN:  9781894778558
Price: $10.95

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