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Yamozha and His Beaver Wife / Yamoozha Ey|ts'o Wets'èkeè Tsa
As told by:   Vital Thomas   Illustrated by:   Archie Beaulieu   Translated by:   Mary Siemens
ISBN:  9781894778572
Price: $25.95

The Rabbit's Race
By (author):   Deborah Delaronde   Illustrated by:   Virginia McCoy
ISBN:  9781894778763
Price: $18.95

The Salmon Run
By (artist):   Clayton Gauthier   Translated by:   Francois Prince
ISBN:  9781926886442
Price: $9.95

The Country of Sen-om-tuse (sn?amtus)
By (author):   Andrew Joseph, Sr.   Illustrated by:   Keith Powell   Foreword by:   Susanna Hayes
ISBN:  9781926886299
Price: $22.95

Dah Dzahge Esigits

Dancing with the Cranes
By (author):   Jeannette Armstrong   Illustrated by:   Ron Hall
ISBN:  9781894778701
Price: $12.95

The Gathering Tree
By (author):   Larry Loyie   With:   Constance Brissenden   Illustrated by:   Heather D. Holmlund
ISBN:  9781894778428
Price: $19.95

Gatherings XV
Edited by:   Greg Younging
ISBN:  9781926886404
Price: $22.95
Anthology of essays, narratives, fictional pieces and poems exploring the connection of Indigenous Youth with the life-sustaining power of water. Fifteenth in the Gatherings Anthology series.

The Girl Who Grew A Galaxy
By (author):   Cherie Dimaline
ISBN:  9781986886314
Price: $18.95
From award-winning author Cherie Dimaline comes a tale of struggle, hope and the kind of magic that can only happen when you mix the Mississippi and the Georgian Bay.

Goodbye Buffalo Bay
By (author):   Larry Loyie   With:   Constance Brissenden
ISBN:  9781894778626
Price: $16.95

Edited by:   Neal McLeod
ISBN:  9781926886398
Price: $24.95
Many strange tales woven and crafted to keep the reader glued to the book until its final page.

My Life in a Kwagul Big House
By (author):   Diane Jacobson
ISBN:  9781894778206
Price: $18.95
In the 1960s, Western culture captured the fancy of Honey's community and family, and its spell inevitably changed a Kwagu'l family. This is Honey's story.

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