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Today, Maybe
By (author):   Dominique Demers   Illustrated by:   Gabrielle Grimard
ISBN:  9781459806429
Price: $9.99
A poetic love story about a little girl who patiently awaits the arrival of the friend who is meant for her, but while she waits she encounters many of the great well-known characters of children's literature.

J'ai le cœur rempli de bonheur
By (author):   Monique Gray Smith   Illustrated by:   Julie Flett   Translated by:   Rachel Martinez
ISBN:  9781459825369
Price: $9.99
Cet album invite les enfants à se réjouir des petits bonheurs de la vie.

Timberwolf Hunt
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer   Illustrated by:   Dean Griffiths
ISBN:  9781554697557
Price: $5.99
In this third book in the Timberwolves series, Johnny and Stu must figure out what to do when the weakest player on their team is getting the most ice-time.

The Magic Ear
By (author):   Laura Langston   Illustrated by:   Victor Bosson
ISBN:  9780993751851
Price: $3.99
Based on a traditional Japanese folktale, The Magic Ear is a timeless story of true nobility and the importance of respect for all life, however humble. Recommended reading ages: 4-10

Set You Free
By (author):   Jeff Ross
ISBN:  9781459807990
Price: $11.99
In this YA thriller, Lauren’s brother becomes a suspect in a child’s disappearance, and Lauren teams up with a computer enthusiast to uncover the truth.

Tank & Fizz: The Case of the Slime Stampede Digital Class Set + License
Illustrated by:   Mike Deas   By (author):   Liam O'Donnell
ISBN:  9781459830578
Price: $39.95
A goblin detective and a technology-tinkering troll set out to solve the mystery of the escaped cleaning slimes.

Le Silence se glisse près de toi Digital Class Set + License
By (author):   Alison Hughes   Illustrated by:   Ninon Pelletier
ISBN:  9781459829831
Price: $49.95
Dans cet album, un jeune enfant trouve du réconfort dans le silence quand le monde devient trop bruyant.

High Wire
By (author):   Melanie Jackson
ISBN:  9781459802391
Price: $8.99
High-wire walker Zack has to solve a mysterious theft at the youth circus.

Maverick Mania
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer
ISBN:  9781554696697
Price: $8.99
The disappearance of his soccer team's leading scorer during the championship finals leads sixteen-year-old Matt to investigate and entangles him in a possible kidnapping.

Can Your Outfit Change the World?
By (author):   Erinne Paisley
ISBN:  9781459813083
Price: $11.99
This work of nonfiction in the PopActivism series for teens looks at how teens can make responsible and eco-friendly clothing choices.

Art's Supplies
By (author):   Chris Tougas
ISBN:  9781459806139
Price: $9.99
In this picture book, Art's art supplies throw a party, play with puns and get creative.

Lucy Tries Short Track Read-Along
By (author):   Lisa Bowes   Illustrated by:   James Hearne   Read by:   Heather Gould
ISBN:  9781459817562
Price: $9.99
In this picture book and follow-up to Lucy Tries Luge, Lucy and her friends lace up their skates and try short track speed skating.

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