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Picking Up the Pieces
By (author)s:   Carey Newman, Kirstie Hudson
ISBN:  9781459819955
Price: $39.95
This nonfiction book, illustrated with photographs, tells the story of the making of the Witness Blanket, a work by Indigenous artist Carey Newman that includes hundreds of items from every residential school in Canada and stories from the Survivors who donated them.

Blueberry Patch / Meennunyakaa
By (author):   Jennifer Leason   Translated by:   Norman Chartrand
ISBN:  9781926886589
Price: $19.95
In this dual-language book, the story of how Indigenous people harvested berries and how that tradition continues to this day.

Sus You / The Bear's Medicine
By (artist):   Clayton Gauthier   Translated by:   Danny Alexis, Theresa Austin
ISBN:  9781926886572
Price: $19.95
In this dual-language book, a mother bear takes her cubs out on the land to teach them how to survive.

Legends and Teachings of Xeel's, the Creator
By (author):   Dr. Ellen Rice White   Foreword by:   Dr. Jo-Ann Archibald
ISBN:  9781926886558
Price: $19.95
This is the last book by celebrated Indigenous educator Ellen White.
Neekna and Chemai
By (author):   Jeannette Armstrong   Illustrated by:   Barbara Marchand
ISBN:  9781926886435
Price: $14.95
Neekna and Chemai are two little girls growing up in the Okanagan Valley in the time before contact. Through these two friends, we learn about the seasonal life patterns of the Okanagan First Peoples.
Inconvenient Skin / nayêhtâwan wasakay
By (author):   Shane L. Koyczan   Illustrated by:   Joseph M. Sánchez, Jim Logan   By (artist):   Kent Monkman   Photographs by:   Nadya Kwandibens
ISBN:  9781926886510
Price: $29.95
This powerful and thought-provoking collection of poems will draw you in and make you reconsider Canada's colonial legacy.

Secret of the Dance
By (author)s:   Andrea Spalding, Alfred Scow   Illustrated by:   Darlene Gait
ISBN:  9781554691296
Price: $10.95
In 1935, a boy witnesses a forbidden potlatch.

The Littlest Sled Dog
By (author):   Michael Kusugak   Illustrated by:   Vladyana Krykorka
ISBN:  9781554691746
Price: $10.95
A little dog named Igvillu dreams of being a sled dog in the North.

The Next Sure Thing
By (author):   Richard Wagamese
ISBN:  9781554699001
Price: $9.95
A young blues guitar player risks everything when he signs on to pick winning horses at the race track for a violent mobster.

Him Standing
By (author):   Richard Wagamese
ISBN:  9781459801769
Price: $9.95
When an Indigenous carver agrees to produce a spirit mask for a mysterious stranger, he falls under the spell of a dangerous sorcerer from the dream world.

Belle of Batoche
By (author):   Jacqueline Guest
ISBN:  9781551432977
Price: $7.95
Belle must put aside her struggle to become the church bell ringer when those she loves are threatened during the battle of Batoche, part of the Riel Rebellion.

Soapstone Signs
By (author):   Jeff Pinkney
ISBN:  9781459804005
Price: $6.95
A young Cree boy learns about soapstone carving from a master carver.

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