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Oh Brother
By (author):   Sonya Spreen Bates
ISBN:  9781459824331
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Lauren is worried what will happen when her new friends realize her brother is disabled.

The Ride Home
By (author):   Gail Anderson-Dargatz
ISBN:  9781459821422
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for middle readers, thirteen-year-old Mark adjusts to long rides on the school bus after moving to a small town to live with his grandmother.

Heads Up
By (author):   Melanie Siebert   Illustrated by:   Belle Wuthrich
ISBN:  9781459819115
Price: $24.95
This nonfiction book for teen readers is a guide to understanding mental health and coping with mental illness, trauma and recovery. It features real-life stories of resilient teens and highlights innovative approaches to mental health challenges.

Stepping Out
By (author):   Laura Langston
ISBN:  9781459808959
Price: $9.95
Paige Larsson, YouTube comedy vlogger, has always used humor to cope with her disability—but an opportunity to compete in stand-up comedy is a big step out of her comfort zone in this novel for teens.

By (author):   Lisa J. Lawrence
ISBN:  9781459809765
Price: $14.95
In this novel for teens, Isabelle knows all about shouldering responsibility: she looks after her younger siblings because their mother is often drunk or absent. School is a nightmare, but one teacher seems to understand that Isabelle has talent to spare.

Camp Disaster
By (author):   Frieda Wishinsky
ISBN:  9781459811140
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for young readers, Charlotte has to find a way to stand up to bullies at summer camp without becoming a target herself.

Gang Tackle
By (author):   Eric Howling
ISBN:  9781459812253
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest sports novel, Jamal and his teammates take a stand against their new coach when his bullying and discrimination go too far.

Kings of the Court
By (author):   Alison Hughes
ISBN:  9781459812192
Price: $9.95
In this humorous novel for middle-grade readers, basketball-crazy Sameer tries to help the school team overcome its aversion to a very dramatic new coach.

Tank & Fizz: The Case of the Battling Bots
By (author):   Liam O'Donnell   Illustrated by:   Mike Deas
ISBN:  9781459808133
Price: $9.95
In this illustrated middle-grade novel and second book in the Tank & Fizz series, a goblin detective and a technology-tinkering troll must dodge battle bots and spellbooks to prevent the return of an ancient demon.

Better Than Weird
By (author):   Anna Kerz
ISBN:  9781554693627
Price: $9.95
When Aaron's long-absent father returns, Aaron must cope with bullying at school, his grandmother's illness and his father's pregnant new wife.

Leaving Fletchville
By (author):   RenĂ© Schmidt
ISBN:  9781551439457
Price: $9.95
Brandon has a reputation for being a big, dumb bully, but when a new family comes to town, he works hard to protect them and keep their secret.

Impossible Things
By (author):   Robin Stevenson
ISBN:  9781551437361
Price: $8.95
Cassidy thinks that making friends is impossible until she meets Victoria, who has some very unusual abilities.

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