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The Littlest Sled Dog
By (author):   Michael Kusugak   Illustrated by:   Vladyana Krykorka
ISBN:  9781554691746
Price: $10.95
A little dog named Igvillu dreams of being a sled dog in the North.

After Peaches
By (author):   Michelle Mulder
ISBN:  9781554691760
Price: $7.95
Rosario and her parents come to Canada as political refugees from Mexico. Rosario hates her heavily-accented English, but she breaks the language barrier to save a migrant farm worker's life.
The Salmon Bears
Photographs by:   Ian McAllister   By (author):   Nicholas Read
ISBN:  9781554692057
Price: $18.95
The Great Bear Rainforest on British Columbia's central coast is home to one of the world's last significant populations of wild bears: grizzlies, blacks and spirit bears.

The Sea Wolves
Photographs by:   Ian McAllister   By (author):   Nicholas Read
ISBN:  9781554692064
Price: $19.95
The coastal wolf, a genetically distinct strain that swims and fishes, inhabits the Great Bear Rainforest on British Columbia's rugged west coast.

Bear Market
By (author):   Michele Martin Bossley
ISBN:  9781554692200
Price: $9.95
While volunteering at the local zoo, Robyn, Nick and Trevor learn about a bear poaching operation and set about solving another mystery.

The Last Loon
By (author):   Rebecca Upjohn
ISBN:  9781554692927
Price: $7.95
When city-boy Evan realizes that a loon is about to die in the middle of a fast-freezing lake near his aunt's cottage, he decides to rescue it, risking his own life in the process.

Generation Us
By (author):   Andrew Weaver
ISBN:  9781554698042
Price: $9.95
The issues surrounding global warming are explained and solutions offered by one of the world's leading experts in the field.

The Yo-Yo Prophet
By (author):   Karen Krossing
ISBN:  9781554698271
Price: $12.95
Small, shy Calvin becomes the Yo-Yo Prophet when his street tricks get the attention of a bully named Rozelle.

By (author):   Sara Cassidy
ISBN:  9781554698493
Price: $9.95
Thirteen-year-old Liza, grieving the loss of a local homeless man and her family's apple tree, seeks healing through gardening.

The Next Sure Thing
By (author):   Richard Wagamese
ISBN:  9781554699001
Price: $9.95
A young blues guitar player risks everything when he signs on to pick winning horses at the race track for a violent mobster.

Farmed Out
By (author):   Christy Goerzen
ISBN:  9781554699100
Price: $9.95
Fourteen-year-old Maddie, an artist with big-city dreams, is forced to volunteer on an organic farm.

Justine McKeen, Queen of Green
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer   Illustrated by:   Dave Whamond
ISBN:  9781554699278
Price: $6.95
Justine and her friends are all about being green and helping the planet, one fun-filled environmental project at a time.

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