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Secret of the Dance
By (author)s:   Andrea Spalding, Alfred Scow   Illustrated by:   Darlene Gait
ISBN:  9781554691296
Price: $10.95
In 1935, a boy witnesses a forbidden potlatch.

The Littlest Sled Dog
By (author):   Michael Kusugak   Illustrated by:   Vladyana Krykorka
ISBN:  9781554691746
Price: $12.95
A little dog named Igvillu dreams of being a sled dog in the North.

Seal Song
By (author):   Andrea Spalding   Illustrated by:   Pascal Milelli
ISBN:  9781554692422
Price: $19.95
Finn's friend Sheila, a magical selkie and shape changer, dives into the sea to rescue him from a storm, but in doing so, she gives up her life as a girl and returns to being a seal.

Room Enough for Daisy
By (author)s:   Debby Waldman, Rita Feutl   Illustrated by:   Cindy Revell
ISBN:  9781554692552
Price: $19.95
Daisy thinks her room is too small to fit all the birthday presents she plans to receive, but she realizes she already has everything she needs to be happy and donates many of her belongings to a Mitzvah Day rummage sale.

Kishka for Koppel
By (author):   Aubrey Davis   Illustrated by:   Sheldon Cohen
ISBN:  9781554692996
Price: $19.95
A magic meat grinder helps a poor Jewish couple learn a little gratitude after the three wishes it grants them go awry.

Today, Maybe
By (author):   Dominique Demers   Illustrated by:   Gabrielle Grimard
ISBN:  9781554694006
Price: $19.95
A poetic love story about a little girl who patiently awaits the arrival of the friend who is meant for her, but while she waits she encounters many of the great well-known characters of children's literature.

Best Friend Trouble
By (author):   Frances Itani   Illustrated by:   Geneviève Després
ISBN:  9781554698912
Price: $19.95
After a fight with her best friend, Lizzy, Hanna learns how to see things from another person’s perspective.

Little You
By (author):   Richard Van Camp   Illustrated by:   Julie Flett
ISBN:  9781459802483
Price: $10.95
A poetic board book for babies and toddlers that celebrates every child and the joy babies bring into the world.

By (author):   Chris Tougas
ISBN:  9781459802735
Price: $10.95
When a tornado blows away all the animals on the farm and leaves behind a mountain of scrap metal, the farmer comes up with an inspired idea.

Orca Picturebook GoReader
Edited by:  
ISBN:  9781459803374
Price: $49.95
A portable, pre-loaded MP3 device containing eight unabridged audiobooks from the Orca picturebook collection.

Can Hens Give Milk?
By (author):   Joan Betty Stuchner   Illustrated by:   Joe Weissmann
ISBN:  9781459804272
Price: $9.95
On a small farm in Chelm, a man and his daughter set out to find a way to get milk from their hens, and the results are not only funny, they're wacky.

Unnatural Selections
By (artist):   Wallace Edwards
ISBN:  9781459805552
Price: $19.95
A traveling artist takes the reader through a collection of illustrations of fantastical hybrid creatures.

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