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Tough Trails
By (author):   Irene Morck
ISBN:  9781551432717
Price: $9.95
Ambrose buys an old, infirm horse to work the mountains. When a storm comes, the horse leads a young boy to safety.

Worst Date Ever
By (author):   Melodie Campbell
ISBN:  9781459815599
Price: $9.95
This funny short novel follows a single mom on a number of first dates.

Ospreys in Danger
By (author):   Pamela McDowell   Illustrated by:   Kasia Charko
ISBN:  9781459802834
Price: $6.95
Cricket attempts to reunite baby ospreys with their parents after an electrical pole catches fire and destroys their nest.

Badir and the Beaver
By (author):   Shannon Stewart   Illustrated by:   Sabrina Gendron
ISBN:  9781459817296
Price: $5.99
In this illustrated early chapter book, new Canadian Badir confuses the beaver in his neighborhood park for a very large rat.

Billboard Express
By (author)s:   Sigmund Brouwer, Cindy Morgan
ISBN:  9781459811089
Price: $9.95
This high-interest novel for teen readers is set in Nashville, where Elle, a talented musician, tries to make it in the cutthroat music business.

Let's Eat
By (author):   Kimberley Veness
ISBN:  9781459809390
Price: $19.95
Part of the nonfiction Footprints series for middle readers. Illustrated with many color photographs, this book explores where the food we eat comes from and what the future of farming looks like.

By (author):   K.L. Denman
ISBN:  9781551439303
Price: $9.95
After breaking her back, fifteen-year-old Abby tries everything to take away her pain before finding the answer in a patient horse called Charlie and a faith in herself.

Chick: Lister
By (author):   Alex Van Tol
ISBN:  9781459828223
Price: $10.95
In this high-interest accessible novel for middle readers, fourteen-year-old Chick struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder and his father’s expectations.

Sewer Rats
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer
ISBN:  9781551434889
Price: $9.95
A group known as the Sewer Rats take up the challenge of an underground game of paintball.

Disappearing Act
By (author):   Dayle Campbell Gaetz
ISBN:  9781459808225
Price: $9.95
In this murder mystery, rookie private investigator Leena O’Neil must clear her sister’s name.

Daredevil Club
By (author):   Pam Withers
ISBN:  9781551436142
Price: $9.95
Kip struggles to maintain his status as a daredevil despite his disability.

Stella Rising
By (author):   Nancy Belgue
ISBN:  9781459825628
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for teen readers, sixteen-year-old Stella is suddenly famous after her music video goes viral.

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