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Elephants Do Not Belong in Trees
By (author):   Russ Willms
ISBN:  9781459825994
Price: $19.95
In this delightful picture book an elephant takes up roost in a tree, upsetting the other animals living there. But the elephant helps save the day when a bulldozer comes along to chop the tree down.
The Night Is Deep and Wide
By (author):   Gillian Sze   Illustrated by:   Sue Todd
ISBN:  9781459824812
Price: $10.95
Stunning illustrations complement this poetic lullaby that encourages young readers to rest their heads and be soothed to sleep.
Pasture Bedtime
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer   Illustrated by:   Sabrina Gendron
ISBN:  9781459825888
Price: $7.95
In this partially illustrated early chapter book and the first book in the Charlie's Rules series, eleven-year-old Charlie tries his hardest to keep his life quiet and organized amid the chaos of life on the farm with his veterinarian mother.
Camp Wild
By (author):   Pam Withers
ISBN:  9781459827387
Price: $10.95
In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Wilf figures he's too old for summer camp and plots his escape.

Meg and Greg: Frank and the Skunk
By (author)s:   Elspeth Rae, Rowena Rae   Illustrated by:   Elisa Gutierrez
ISBN:  9781459824935
Price: $14.95
This partially illustrated workbook, meant to be read by an advanced reader with a beginner reader or struggling reader, combines stories and exercises that focus on phonics.

Little Fox
By (author):   Britta Teckentrup
ISBN:  9781459826939
Price: $10.95
This eco-friendly board book introduces young readers to a little fox who wakes up late in the day to have a nighttime adventure with his forest friends.
Finding Home
By (author):   Jen Sookfong Lee   Illustrated by:   Drew Shannon
ISBN:  9781459818996
Price: $24.95
A look at how human migration has changed the world. Part of the nonfiction Orca Think series for middle-grade readers, with photographs and illustrations throughout.
Lent Roland
By (author):   Deborah Kerbel   Illustrated by:   Marianne Ferrer   Translated by:   Rachel Martinez
ISBN:  9781459824751
Price: $19.95
Une histoire tout en douceur au sujet d'une petite fille et de son frère lent comme un escargot. Ce bel album rappelle aux lecteurs d'être patients et d'aider les personnes qu'ils aiment.
Mentoring Each Other
By (author)s:   Lana Parker, Diane Vetter
ISBN:  9781551383460
Price: $24.95
Practical ways teachers can support each other as they reflect on their practice, implement new strategies, and strive for teaching excellence.

By (author):   Norah McClintock
ISBN:  9781459827417
Price: $10.95
After his best friend snitches on him, John must learn to control his anger.

The Wrench
Illustrated by:   Elise Gravel   Translated by:   Charles Simard
ISBN:  9781459824492
Price: $19.95
In this quirky, brightly illustrated take on overconsumption, Bob goes to the store to buy one thing and comes home with many things he doesn’t need.
Finders Keepers
By (author):   Melanie McFarlane
ISBN:  9781459827691
Price: $10.95
In this high-interest accessible novel for middle readers, Macy discovers a mermaid in the prairie lake near her home.
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