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Nye, Sand and Stones
By (author):   Bree Galbraith   Illustrated by:   Marion Arbona
ISBN:  9781459820326
Price: $19.95
A young girl challenges destructive behavior from the citizens of an island of stones that the rest of her community on an island of sand has been accepting since the beginning of time.
Shark Bait!
By (author)s:   Jeff Szpirglas, Danielle Saint-Onge   Illustrated by:   Dave Whamond
ISBN:  9781459823679
Price: $7.95
In this partially illustrated early chapter book, a young girl who is fascinated by sharks gets a chance to see one in real life while taking sailing lessons.
Nye de l’île de Sable
By (author):   Bree Galbraith   Illustrated by:   Marion Arbona   Translated by:   Rachel Martinez
ISBN:  9781459824720
Price: $19.95
Une jeune fille s’oppose au comportement destructeur des citoyens d’une île rocheuse que les autres membres de sa communauté sur une île de sable acceptent depuis la nuit des temps.
Tu es là pour moi
By (author):   Monique Gray Smith   Illustrated by:   Danielle Daniel   Translated by:   Rachel Martinez
ISBN:  9781459826656
Price: $19.95
Un album évocateur qui met en valeur les relations harmonieuses entre les enfants et les encourage à exprimer leur affection et à se soutenir mutuellement.
What Do You See?
By (author):   Sarah N. Harvey   Illustrated by:   Jane Heinrichs
ISBN:  9781459820883
Price: $10.95
Rhyming stanzas ask young readers what they see as a small child moves through their world.
Finding Home
By (author):   Jen Sookfong Lee   Illustrated by:   Drew Shannon
ISBN:  9781459818996
Price: $24.95
A look at how human migration has changed the world. Part of the nonfiction Orca Think series for middle-grade readers, with photographs and illustrations throughout.

Design Like Nature
By (author)s:   Kim Ryall Woolcock, Megan Clendenan
ISBN:  9781459824645
Price: $19.95
Part of the nonfiction Orca Footprints series for middle readers, in this book young readers discover innovations and inventions inspired by nature.

The Night Is Deep and Wide
By (author):   Gillian Sze   Illustrated by:   Sue Todd
ISBN:  9781459824812
Price: $10.95
Stunning illustrations complement this poetic lullaby that encourages young readers to rest their heads and be soothed to sleep.

By (author)s:   Marianne Ferrer, Valérie Picard   Translated by:   Charles Simard
ISBN:  9781459825239
Price: $19.95
In this transitional picture book, a young explorer has a chance to travel to a magical island inhabited by unusual creatures she’s only ever heard about in bedtime stories told to her by her grandfather.

Riley Can't Stop Crying
By (author):   Stéphanie Boulay   Illustrated by:   Agathe Bray-Bourret   Translated by:   Charles Simard
ISBN:  9781459826380
Price: $19.95
While his sister tries everything to help, a young boy isn’t sure why he can’t stop crying in this transitional picture book.

My Best Friend is Extinct
By (author):   Rebecca Wood Barrett   Illustrated by:   Cornelia Li
ISBN:  9781459824423
Price: $10.95
Ten-year-old Henry discovers a strange, wounded creature in the snow tunnels of his ski resort town.

A Perfect Likeness
By (author):   Richard Wagamese   Foreword by:   Waubgeshig Rice
ISBN:  9781459828360
Price: $19.95
This volume contains two novellas by Richard Wagamese, Him Standing and The Next Sure Thing. Both stories follow the lives of young artists who have dreams for a better future.

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