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Hit Squad
By (author):   James Heneghan
ISBN:  9781551432694
Price: $9.95
Students in an upscale high school decide to take on the bullies and take back their school, with decidedly mixed consequences.

The Lottery
By (author):   Beth Goobie
ISBN:  9781551432809
Price: $14.95
When Sal Hanson "wins" the lottery run by the secret Shadow Council at her high school, her fate seems set—she will be shunned by all. But her refusal to be a victim might ultimately set her free.

My Time as Caz Hazard
By (author):   Tanya Lloyd Kyi
ISBN:  9781551433196
Price: $9.95
When Caz and Amanda's behavior seems to contribute to a classmate's suicide, Caz must take a long hard look at her life.

Triple Threat
By (author)s:   Eric Walters, Jerome Williams
ISBN:  9781551433592
Price: $7.95
With the help of NBA star Jerome Williams, Nick and Kia will prove they can compete with older kids, in the seventh book in Eric Walters' basketball series.

Dimples Delight
By (author):   Frieda Wishinsky   Illustrated by:   Louise-Andrée Laliberté
ISBN:  9781551433622
Price: $6.95
Lawrence cannot bear Joe's teasing about his dimples, but nothing he does will make it stop.

Queen of the Toilet Bowl
By (author):   Frieda Wishinsky
ISBN:  9781551433646
Price: $9.95
Renata learns to be proud of who she is.

By (author):   Patricia Murdoch
ISBN:  9781551434933
Price: $9.95
Julie is presented with a perfect opportunity to get back at her tormentor.

Dog Walker
By (author):   Karen Spafford-Fitz
ISBN:  9781551435220
Price: $9.95
Turk's moneymaking scheme gets out of control.

Timberwolf Chase
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer   Illustrated by:   Dean Griffiths
ISBN:  9781551435480
Price: $6.95
When a new player moves to the small town of Howling from Toronto, Johnny Maverick must find a way to make him part of the team.

By (author):   Vicki Grant
ISBN:  9781551436432
Price: $9.95
A school field trip to a heritage farm turns dangerous when an escaped convict appears on the scene.

By (author):   Darlene Ryan
ISBN:  9781551436852
Price: $9.95
In a new school, Kevin must choose between falling in with a rough crowd or doing the right thing.

By (author):   Colin Frizzell
ISBN:  9781551435077
Price: $9.95
How far will Chill and Sean go to expose a teacher's deception?

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