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All Sleek and Skimming
Edited by:   Lisa Heggum
ISBN:  9781551434490
Price: $19.99
A collection of compelling short fiction for older teen readers.

The Burning Time
By (author):   Carol Matas
ISBN:  9781551436265
Price: $9.99
After her father's sudden death, fifteen-year-old Rose Rives' mother is accused of being a witch, and Rose discovers that sixteenth-century France is a dangerous place for women.

The Book of Trees
By (author):   Leanne Lieberman
ISBN:  9781554694471
Price: $9.99
When Mia goes to Israel, she gets a crash course in the history of the Jews in Palestine and starts to question her Zionist aspirations.

Home Before Dark
By (author):   Jo Hammond
ISBN:  9781554694792
Price: $7.99
Erik and his friends stumble across a decades-old crime in the coastal rainforest.

Caged Eagles
By (author):   Eric Walters
ISBN:  9781554694495
Price: $8.99
Racism and injustice toward Japanese Canadians embue this story of a family in an internment camp.

Death Benefits
By (author):   Sarah N. Harvey
ISBN:  9781554694570
Price: $9.99
When Royce is hired to look after his eccentric ninety-five-year-old grandfather, he discovers that aging, though difficult, can still be fun.

Death on the River
By (author):   John Wilson
ISBN:  9781554694587
Price: $9.99
A young soldier struggles to survive prison camp in the last year of the Civil War.

Juggling Fire
By (author):   Joanne Bell
ISBN:  9781554694891
Price: $9.99
Sixteen-year-old Rachel embarks on a solo quest to find her father, who disappeared years ago in the Yukon wilderness.

A Kind of Courage
By (author):   Colleen Heffernan
ISBN:  9781554694907
Price: $3.99
When a young conscientious objector comes to work on her father's farm in 1916, Hattie learns that courage comes in many forms.

Me, Myself and Ike
By (author):   K.L. Denman
ISBN:  9781554695065
Price: $9.99
Seventeen-year-old Kit is paranoid, confused and alone, but neither he nor his family and friends understand what is happening to him.

The Middle of Everywhere
By (author):   Monique Polak
ISBN:  9781554695096
Price: $9.99
Noah spends a school term in George River, in Quebec's far north, trying to understand the Inuit culture, which he finds both threatening and puzzling.

By (author):   Don Trembath
ISBN:  9781554695294
Price: $7.99
Rooster wants to graduate, he just doesn't want to work for it.

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