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May We Have Enough to Share
By (author)s:   Richard Van Camp, Richard Van Camp
ISBN:  9781459816244
Price: $10.95
A beautiful board book about gratitude by celebrated Indigenous author Richard Van Camp, complemented by photos from Tea & Bannock, a collective blog by Indigenous women photographers.
Ours to Share
By (author)s:   Kari Jones, Kari Jones, Kari Jones
ISBN:  9781459816343
Price: $19.95
Part of the nonfiction Footprints series for middle readers, illustrated with color photographs. Examines how overpopulation leads to unequal sharing of the earth’s social and natural resources.
Gone is Gone
By (author)s:   Isabelle Groc, Isabelle Groc   Foreword by:   Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall
ISBN:  9781459816855
Price: $24.95
This nonfiction book for middle readers looks at why and what species have become endangered, how scientists are learning about endangered wildlife, what people are doing to conserve species and what young people can do to help. Illustrated with unique photos by the photo-journalist author.
Light a Candle / Tumaini pasipo na Tumaini
By (author)s:   Godfrey Nkongolo, Godfrey Nkongolo, Eric Walters, Eric Walters, Eric Walters   Illustrated by:   Eva Campbell, Eva Campbell
ISBN:  9781459817005
Price: $19.95
This dual-language English and Swahili picture book is inspired by the founding of Tanzania, told through the eyes of a young boy who climbs Mount Kilimanjaro to signify the country's independence.
By (author)s:   Mireille Messier, Mireille Messier, Mireille Messier   Illustrated by:   Irene Luxbacher, Irene Luxbacher, Irene Luxbacher
ISBN:  9781459817340
Price: $19.95
In this gorgeously illustrated picture book, a brother and sister explore their surroundings, looking for treasure.
By (author)s:   Laurie Elmquist, Laurie Elmquist, Laurie Elmquist   Illustrated by:   David Parkins, David Parkins, David Parkins
ISBN:  9781459817951
Price: $7.95
In this illustrated early chapter book, a young boy learns to take care of his newly adopted dog while coping with his parents' separation.
Kick Start
By (author)s:   Michele Martin Bossley, Michele Martin Bossley
ISBN:  9781459818132
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for young readers, Mitch has to win an upcoming race in order to keep his new dirt bike.
Blood Ties
By (author)s:   Barbara Fradkin, Barbara Fradkin
ISBN:  9781459818255
Price: $9.95
In this work of crime fiction, country handyman Cedric O'Toole finds his life turned upside down when a stranger shows up claiming to be his brother.
Boil Line
By (author)s:   M.J. McIsaac, M.J. McIsaac
ISBN:  9781459818439
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for young readers, Nate investigates the death of a river-kayaking guide.
The Moon is a Silver Pond
By (author)s:   Sara Cassidy, Sara Cassidy   Illustrated by:   Josée Bisaillon, Josée Bisaillon
ISBN:  9781459818644
Price: $10.95
A simple board book that introduces little ones to the concept of metaphor.
Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die
By (author)s:   Nikki Tate, Nikki Tate   Illustrated by:   Belle Wuthrich, Belle Wuthrich
ISBN:  9781459818897
Price: $19.95
This nonfiction book for teens examines the complex issue of medical assistance in dying from multiple perspectives. Illustrated with photographs.
Shadow Island
Illustrated by:   Mike Deas   By (author)s:   Mike Deas, Mike Deas, Nancy Deas, Nancy Deas, Nancy Deas
ISBN:  9781459819610
Price: $14.95
In this graphic novel for early middle readers, mysterious raccoon-like Moon Creatures are discovered on an island in the Pacific Northwest.
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