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I Am Scary
Illustrated by:   Elise Gravel
ISBN:  9781459823167
Price: $10.95
This board book features a not-so-scary monster who’s met his match in a young child.
Yoga Baby
By (author):   Amy Hovey
ISBN:  9781459818286
Price: $10.95
In this photographic board book, a diverse group of babies show off yoga moves that come naturally to them.

Sus You / The Bear's Medicine
By (artist):   Clayton Gauthier   Translated by:   Danny Alexis, Theresa Austin
ISBN:  9781926886572
Price: $19.95
In this dual-language book, a mother bear takes her cubs out on the land to teach them how to survive.

Gone is Gone
By (author):   Isabelle Groc   Foreword by:   Jane Goodall
ISBN:  9781459816855
Price: $24.95
This nonfiction book for middle readers looks at why and what species have become endangered, how scientists are learning about endangered wildlife, what people are doing to conserve species and what young people can do to help. Illustrated with unique photos by the photo-journalist author.

Le canot rouge
By (author):   Leslie A. Davidson   Illustrated by:   Laura Bifano   Translated by:   Rachel Martinez
ISBN:  9781459824485
Price: $12.95
Dans cet album au texte en rimes, une fillette s'émerveille devant les miracles de la nature au cours d'une excursion en canot avec son grand-père.
Stella Rising
By (author):   Nancy Belgue
ISBN:  9781459825628
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for teen readers, sixteen-year-old Stella is suddenly famous after her music video goes viral.
Oh Brother
By (author):   Sonya Spreen Bates
ISBN:  9781459824331
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Lauren is worried what will happen when her new friends realize her brother is disabled.
Italian Cure
By (author):   Melodie Campbell
ISBN:  9781459821125
Price: $9.95
A woman travels to Italy to cure her broken heart in this short novel.
Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die
By (author):   Nikki Tate   Illustrated by:   Belle Wuthrich
ISBN:  9781459818897
Price: $19.95
This nonfiction book for teens examines the complex issue of medical assistance in dying from multiple perspectives. Illustrated with photographs.

Simon Steps Into the Ring
By (author):   Marylène Monette   Illustrated by:   Marion Arbona   Translated by:   Sophie B. Watson
ISBN:  9781459821811
Price: $19.95
A little boy learns to acknowledge his temper in this illustrated picture book for young readers.
May We Have Enough to Share
By (author):   Richard Van Camp
ISBN:  9781459816244
Price: $10.95
A beautiful board book about gratitude by celebrated Indigenous author Richard Van Camp, complemented by photos from Tea & Bannock, a collective blog by Indigenous women photographers.

Easy Street
By (author):   Jeff Ross
ISBN:  9781459824010
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Rob has mixed feelings about his brother, Adam, being released from prison.
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