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By author: Sarah N. Harvey
ISBN:  9781459803640
Price: $9.95
Amy is abducted and locked away, forced to write essays about the error of her ways.

The Big Snapper
By author: Katherine Holubitsky
ISBN:  9781551435633
Price: $7.95
Eddie loves fishing with Granddad and listening to his tall tales, but when his grandfather becomes seriously ill, Eddie must find ways to cope with the changes in his world.

Marsh Island
By author: Sonya Spreen Bates   Illustrated by: Kasia Charko
ISBN:  9781554696680
Price: $4.99
On their first camping trip, two brothers get lost while exploring the woods. But are they truly alone in the woods of Marsh Island?

By author: John Wilson
ISBN:  9781459814837
Price: $7.99
In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Sam and Annabel are on vacation in Italy and discover a hidden stash of gold.

Lucy Tries Luge Digital Audiobook
By author: Lisa Bowes   Narrator: Heather Gould
ISBN:  9781459817531
Price: $4.99
Lucy overcomes her fears and learns to love luge, a winter sliding sport.

2018 Orca French Currents and Soundings
Edited by:
ISBN:  9781459815292
Price: $159.20
French translations of popular Orca Currents and Orca Soundings titles originally published in English. Intended for French language learners in middle and high school. Includes 16 paperbacks.

Nine Doors
By author: Vicki Grant
ISBN:  9781554690732
Price: $9.95
The game of Nicky Nicky Nine Doors seemed harmless enough when they started, but Emery and Richard discover there are serious consequences to scaring your neighbors.

Straight Punch
By author: Monique Polak
ISBN:  9781459803916
Price: $12.95
Tessa gets caught tagging and ends up in an alternative school where boxing is a big part of the program.

Toesy Toes
By author: Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang
ISBN:  9781459813441
Price: $4.99
A board book that explores the different sensations babies can experience with their toes.

Not a Chance
By author: Michelle Mulder
ISBN:  9781459802186
Price: $7.99
Dian is outraged when her fourteen-year-old Dominican friend announces that she is engaged to be married.

Bad Business
By author: Diane Dakers
ISBN:  9781459809697
Price: $9.95
Lindy takes advantage of an elderly woman she works for.

A Bear's Life
Photographs by: Ian McAllister   By author: Nicholas Read
ISBN:  9781459812703
Price: $19.95
This nonfiction picture book is full of stunning wildlife photographs of the bears of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

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