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Rapid Reads | Reading Levels

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And Everything Nice   4.6 4.2 HL580L
Artful Goddaughter, The Gina Gallo Mystery 3.5   HL420L
The B-Team: The Case of the Angry First Wife   3.1   HL470L
Barrio Kings, The   2.1 2.7 HL310L
Beethoven's Tenth Frank Ryan Mystery 4.5   HL700L
Best Girl   2.6 3.2 HL400L
Black Tortoise, The Peter Strand Mystery 4.8   HL620L
Blood and Belonging Ray Robertson Mystery 2.5   HL500L
Blood Ties Cedric O'Toole Mystery 3.4   HL550L
Blue Dragon, The Peter Strand Mystery 4.3   HL560L
Blue Water Hues Ashley Grant Mystery 3.6   HL460L
Boardwalk, The Gulliver Dowd Mystery 3   HL380L
Boom Room, The Pratt & Ellis Mystery 4.2 4.1 HL560L
Bootlegger's Goddaughter, The Gina Gallo Mystery 3   HL490L
Cleanup   4   HL500L
Coming Back   2.9   HL460L
Contingency Plan   3.8 4.1 HL500L
Coral Reef Views Ashley Grant Mystery 3.9   HL500L
Dirty Work Gulliver Dowd Mystery 3.8   HL450L
Disappearing Act Leena O'Neil Mystery 4.2   HL580L
Epic Game   2.2   HL500L
Evil Behind That Door Cedric O'Toole Mystery 3.2   HL570L
Fall Guy, The Cedric O'Toole Mystery 4 4.4 HL670L
Fit to Kill Sebastian Casey Mystery 5 4.4 HL650L
From Scratch   4.8   HL530L
Generation Us     8.5 HL1070L
Goddaughter Caper, The Gina Gallo Mystery 2.5   HL450L
Goddaughter Does Vegas, The Gina Gallo Mystery 3.2   HL450L
Goddaughter, The Gina Gallo Mystery 2.8   HL520L
Goddaughter's Revenge, The Gina Gallo Mystery 3.8   HL490L
Haitian Graves Ray Robertson Mystery 3   HL420L
Him Standing   2.8   HL460L
I.O.U. Dead Keno Kalder Mystery 4   HL650L
If It Bleeds Nicole Charles Mystery 4   HL610L
The Innocence Device   3.5   HL510L
The Italian Cure   3.9   HL490L
Juba Good Ray Robertson Mystery 3   HL440L
Jumped In   2.8   HL480L
Just Gone   3   HL450L
Love and Fear Gulliver Dowd Mystery 2.7   HL540L
Love You to Death Charlie D Mystery 4.2 4.1 HL610L
Middle Ground, The   4.2 4.2 HL610L
Murder Among the Pines Maxine Benson Mystery 3.5   HL530L
Murder Below Zero Maxine Benson Mystery 3.8   HL560L
Murder for Max, A Maxine Benson Mystery 2.8   HL520L
Never Going Back   3.6   HL520L
Night Thief, The Cedric O'Toole Mystery 3.2   HL550L
No Return Address   3.3   HL490L
One Fine Day You're Gonna Die Charlie D Mystery 4.2 4.2 HL640L
Orchestrated Murder Pratt & Ellis Mystery 5.4 4.2 HL550L
Ortona Street Fight     5.7 HL770L
Playing With Fire Claire Abbott Mystery 2.8   HL420L
Race Against Time Claire Abbott Mystery 2.2   HL470L
Rundown Pratt & Ellis Mystery 3.3   HL570L
Search and Rescue Claire Abbott Mystery 3   HL410L
The Second Wife   3.3 4 HL570L
Shadow Killer, The Charlie D Mystery 5 4.4 HL670L
Something Noble   3 3.3 HL450L
Spider Bites, The    2 3.1 HL330L
That Dog Won't Hunt   2.8 3.4 HL430L
Thirteenth Rose, The Charlie D Mystery 5.6   HL690L
Tiny House, Big Fix   3.3   HL510L
Tokyo Girl Frank Ryan Mystery 5   HL710L
Valentino Pier Gulliver Dowd Mystery 2.5   HL390L
The Way It Works   2.6 3.1 HL390L
When Blood Lies Nicole Charles Mystery 4.2   HL630L
When I Kill You   3.8 4.1 HL590L
White Sand Blues Ashley Grant Mystery 3   HL410L
A Winter Kill   2.8 3.3 HL420L
Woman Scorned, A Sebastian Casey Mystery 4.5   HL490L
Worst Date Ever   3.1   HL400L