Una Huna?: What Is This?

  • Illustrated By: Amiel Sandland,
  • Pages:36
  • Publisher:Inhabit Media
  • Themes:Iqaluit, Nunavut, Inuit, Indigenous, Inuit culture, traditional story, aboriginal, aborignal people, indigenous books, indigenous stories, Inuit stories, indigenous peoples day, indigenous people's day
  • Pub Date:05/28/2019
Ukpik loves living in her camp in the North with her family and she especially loves thinking up names for her brand new puppy. When a captain from the south arrives to trade with Ukpik's father, she's excited to learn how to use forks, knives, and spoons. At first, Ukpik enjoys teaching the other children how to use these new tools. But soon, she starts to wonder if they'll need to use the new tools all the time, and if that means that everything in camp will change. After a conversation with her grandmother, Ukpik realizes that even though she will learn many new things, her love for her family and camp will never change - and it even inspires her to find a name for her puppy!
Simple yet realistic cartoon illustrations of the isolated northern tundra complement the book’s thematic content without overpowering the author’s unique perspective. A meaningful portrait of a young child living and loving in a unique period of North American history.
"...[A] wonderful look at how different life can be for people of the Arctic."