Spelling Through Phonics


This 40th anniversary edition of the beloved bestseller, Spelling Through Phonics, has the same compact and easy-to-use format thousands of educators know and love! With the McCrackens’ original spelling instruction program, this book provides detailed instructions and reproducibles to help you

  • understand phonemic awareness, and how it helps children develop spelling and other literacy skills
  • teach spelling easily, quickly, and efficiently
  • integrate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning strategies
  • effectively assess and react to students’ writing
  • provide immediate feedback as part of spelling instruction
  • organize students’ spelling practice within the school day
  • introduce, practice, and review new words and sounds with students in grades 1–3

Help your students become proficient spellers, as well as confident readers and writers, with this developmentally appropriate framework.

Dedicated to the memory of The McCrackens, this 40th anniversary edition honors their invaluable contributions to English language arts and literacy instruction across North America.

I absolutely love the McCracken books and probably have all of them. I think they have one of the best spelling programs around. Honestly, I couldn’t live without Spelling Through Phonics, the little yellow book.

– Grade Onederful

In this fascinating and powerful little book, you will find the essence of effective and engaging instruction in spelling and phonics.


[With Spelling Through Phonics,] learning to spell is a sensory experience. Students know they are successful and want to continue spelling long beyond the allotted daily lesson time.