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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 0
Publisher: Crow Cottage Publisher
Pub Date: 08/Jul/2018
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Priscilla lives in an alley behind a restaurant. Her best friend, Rosy, lives across the gutter near an ice cream store. One Sunday evening, Priscilla promises Rosy to visit her first thing in the morning to work on a new puzzle. Then, Prisilla is invited for a boat ride with her friend, Rudolph. Priscilla has never been on a boat so she happily accepts the invitation. But what about her promise to visit with Rosy? She will tell Rosy she is sick! But that's a fib. Suddenly, Priscilla feels ratty. What to do....? Priscilla and Rosy is a charming morality tale about loyalty to friends. Narrated by Julie Lawson. Ages 5-7