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Celebrating Diversity & Community
Nonfiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 120
Themes: lesbian, gay, transgender, celebration, gender, queer, LGBTQ, sexual orientation, cisgender, discrimination, oppression, persecution, allies, PFLAG, Pride
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 19/Apr/2016
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For LGBTQ people and their supporters, Pride events are an opportunity to honor the past, protest injustice, and celebrate a diverse and vibrant community. The high point of Pride, the Pride Parade, is spectacular and colorful. But there is a whole lot more to Pride than rainbow flags and amazing outfits. How did Pride come to be? And what does Pride mean to the people who celebrate it?

School Library Connection - August 1, 2016
"Not only about celebration, but also protest and the future of acceptance. Colorful pictures with bold captions coupled with sidebars labeled as Queer Facts make this an eye-pleasing option for a broad audience and will lend itself to the conversation."
School Library Journal - April 21, 2016
“A visually appealing, quick, and thorough look at Pride parades and celebrations, how they came to be, and what they celebrate...An excellent and necessary addition for all collections.”
Resource Links - April 1, 2016
"This timely, attractive and cheerful book will engage any student from middle school and beyond...Extremely well designed...The writing is clear and completely straightforward, addressing the intended reader honestly and without talking down at all. The writer portrays the LGBTQ community as normal and welcoming, powerful and inclusive, the way most Canadians, especially students, view it today. This book is a must-buy for all schools in Canada."
VOYA Magazine - April 1, 2016
"[Pride] does well to address the obstacles that the community has faced and puts names and faces to those who are the agents of change."
Quill & Quire - March 1, 2016
“Upbeat and matter-of-fact...I can see this book nestled between Canada Day and Thanksgiving in the celebrations section of the library, filling a gap...Solid non-fiction...As useful and appealing as this book will be to a general audience, there will be another group of readers seeking it out with more focus. Not every kid, even in this country, lives in a joyous climate of acceptance, and books are often a place where they find information and community. Much of this is provided in the form of individual vignettes. These stories, sad and happy, are where vulnerable preteen kids may see themselves."
Booklist - March 1, 2016
"Informative...Positively festive in its attitudes and outlook, this book more than lives up to the word celebrating in its subtitle."
Kirkus Reviews - February 1, 2016
"LGBTQ culture and rights are covered through the prism of Pride in this timely work...Using Pride as a way to talk about LGBTQ gives the information a new slant...The appropriately rainbow-themed design features plentiful photographs, both black-and-white and color, in a lively design...This attractive work will be welcomed by readers searching for guidance and hope."
CM Magazine - January 8, 2016
"A fantastic achievement, a book that gives serious attention to often ignored groups within LGBT history...Stevenson’s account of the history of Pride is peppered with historical photos and documents, personal stories...and highlights of the growing Pride movements around the globe, many of which all too often become background noise on global news stations...What makes this book suitable and relevant to young readers is the emphasis that Stevenson places on youth involvement in contemporary and historical celebrations and activism. A number of the personal accounts and quotes throughout the book are also from young people. This is an incredibly detailed account, considering the short page count, and Pride should be shelved in school libraries and classrooms alike...Highly Recommended."


Stonewall Honor Book in Children's and Young Adult Literature  | 2017 | Winner
Red Cedar Book Award nominee  | 2018 | Short-listed
Bolen Books Children's Book Prize  | 2017 | Short-listed
Information Book Award  | 2017 | Short-listed
USBBY Outstanding International Books  | 2017 | Winner
CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens  | 2016 | Commended
PNBA Book Award  | 2017 | Short-listed
Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award  | 2018 | Short-listed
Red Maple Non-Fiction  | 2017 | Short-listed
Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize  | 2017 | Short-listed
Rocky Mountain Book Award  | 2018 | Short-listed
Rainbow Book List  | 2017 | Commended