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Pages: 112
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/12/2015
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  • Perfect for Spanish language learners
  • Interest level ages 12+
  • Reading levels from grade 2.0 to grade 4.5
Praise for Revelación
"Orca Soundings with its contemporary take on adolescent literature, can be counted on to entice the young reader to pick up a book and learn something about himself/herself...Adolescents can relate to the situations and the characters as well as the plot...These books are short, the conflict comes quickly, and the exciting, fast pace of Revelación makes it a wonderufl read for a Spanish speaker."
—Martha Squaresky, Tri State Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2009

This collection includes the following 24 titles. To read book details, see the Orca Soundings category to the left.

A punta de cuchillo (Knifepoint)
A reventar (Stuffed)
A toda velocidad (Overdrive)
Al lĂ­mite (Grind)
El blanco (Bull's Eye)
De nadie mas (Saving Grace)
Desolación (Outback)
El qué dirán (Sticks and Stones)
En el bosque (In the Woods)
La guerra de las bandas (Battle of the Bands)
Identificación (I.D.)
Ni un Día más (Kicked Out)
No te vayas (Comeback)
La otra vida de Caz (My Time as Caz Hazard)
Los Pandemónium (Thunderbowl)
El plan de Zee (Zee's Way)
El regreso (Back)
Reacción (Reaction)
Respira (Breathless)
Revelación (Exposure)
El soplón (Snitch)
La tormenta (Death Wind)
Un trabajo sin futuro (Dead-End Job)
La verdad (Truth)

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