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  • Perfect for Spanish language learners
  • Interest level ages 12+
  • Reading levels from grade 2.0 to grade 4.5
Orca Digital Subscriptions are a unique and cost-effective way to provide ebooks to an entire class or school. With the purchase of a subscription you get unlimited, multi-user access–there is no limit to how many users can read a single title at the same time. Students can access the subscription at school or at home on PC or MAC, as well as Kobo, Android and iOS devices.

Subscriptions also include read-aloud, bookmarking and note taking functions, as well as the ability to change the background color of the screen.

One- and five-year subscriptions are available for this collection or you can choose any of our titles to create your own custom collection (collections start at 12 titles, please inquire for pricing). If you want to test if this the right fit for your school, request a free 30-day trial by emailing digital@orcabook.com.

This collection includes the following titles:
A punta de cuchillo (Knifepoint) / A reventar (Stuffed) / A toda velocidad (Overdrive) / Al lĂ­mite (Grind) / El blanco (Bull's Eye) / De nadie mas (Saving Grace) / Desolación (Outback) / El qué dirán (Sticks and Stones) / En el bosque (In the Woods) / La guerra de las bandas (Battle of the Bands) / Identificación (I.D.) / Ni un Día más (Kicked Out) / No te vayas (Comeback) / La otra vida de Caz (My Time as Caz Hazard) / Los Pandemónium (Thunderbowl) / El plan de Zee (Zee's Way) / El regreso (Back) / Reacción (Reaction) / Respira (Breathless) / Revelación (Exposure) / El soplón (Snitch) / La tormenta (Death Wind) / Un trabajo sin futuro (Dead-End Job) / La verdad (Truth)

This item is eligible for our teacher discount. The discount will be applied at checkout.