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My Life with Children's Books
Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 176
Themes: libraries, librarian, children's literature, memoir
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/09/2005
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In Once Upon a Time: My Life with Children's Books Sheila Egoff tells the story of her working life, from her early voracious reading, through all her significant contributions to libraries in Canada and to our national understanding of our own literature for children. She brings both a critical eye and a personal touch to this book, which reads as a memoir and as an account of important developments in Canadian writing and librarianship. In this time of cuts to budgets for books and for librarians, there is much here to reflect upon.

Tacoma School District #10 - December 10, 2010
"A well written autobiography by an author/librarian and it adds much to any conversation on children's librarianship."
Deakin Newsletter - January 1, 2006
"[The] message, which comes clearly throughout [the] book, the need for quality literature for young people, resounds strongly today when cutbacks threaten literacy."
BCLA Reporter - January 1, 2006
"A compelling book...difficult to put down once you start to read it." "This book definitely belongs in every library collection, as it provides a unique perspective of the evolution of Canadian children's literature from an inside mover-and-shaker's viewpoint."
The Vancouver Sun - December 24, 2005
"For anyone with even a passing interest in children's books, particularly Canadian ones, Once Upon a Time is bound to succeed in transmitting that passion."


CCBC Our Choice  | 2006 | Commended

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