Nine Doors

  • Pages:112
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Pub Date:11/17/2020
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
  • Lexile:HL470L
  • ATOS:3.4
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Emery's neighbor, Richard, is the kind of kid who gets under your skin. When Richard suggests a game of "Nicky Nicky Nine Doors," Emery can't come up with a good excuse not to play. Using chocolate bars as "stunt poo," the boys start playing the classic prank of the burning bag on the doorstep, but this game has a modern twist. They record their neighbors' reactions. The naked guy and the man in the apron are highly entertaining, but Emery starts to get cold feet when another neighbor is reduced to tears. Emery wants out, but he's not sure how to stop the game without losing face. Soon the game gets serious, and Emery has a lot more to worry about than his reputation.
"Boasts a plot that's simple yet gripping, pacing that's tight and rapid-fire, and true-to-life characters that will resonate with readers both young and old...Truly a fantastic all-round read that is a sure bet for grabbing the interest of reluctant readers."
– CM Magazine
"Realistic action and dialogue, along with a fast-paced plot, will keep reluctant readers turning pages...A solid hi/lo choice."
– School Library Journal
"Readers will identify with Emery as he struggles to do the right thing. This is good book for reluctant readers."
– Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group