Bird Brain

Even though Arden always wanted a pet, taking care of her uncle's parrot, Ludwig, was NOT what she had in mind. But as Arden gets to know Ludwig, she realizes he is not only incredibly smart but loyal—and the best pet she could have asked for.

Call Me Al

In this middle-grade novel, eighth-grade student Ali Khan finds that writing poetry—first about his crush, then about what it means to be an immigrant and the anti-Muslim racism around him—helps him discover who he truly is.

Meena Can't Wait

Today Meena and her nanu (grandmother) are having a tea party with a special Bengali tea called doodh cha, and even though Meena is impatient, she learns that it’s worth the wait to make the special tea together.

My Sister and Me

Translated by: Daniel Hahn

In this playfully illustrated picture book, an older sister narrates her childhood memories in a letter to her annoying little sister, depicting the push-and-pull and the special love that exist between them.


Illustrated By: Arden Taylor

Part of the nonfiction Orca Timeline series, with photographs and illustrations throughout, this book explores why and how people have built walls all over the world throughout the course of human history.

What Poo Can Do

This nonfiction book for middle-grade readers, illustrated with photographs throughout, explores how animals are fighting the climate crisis by pooping.

Animal Minds

Part of the nonfiction Orca Wild series for middle-grade readers and illustrated with color photographs throughout, this book examines how animals think and the ways scientists study their cognitive abilities.

I Love Myself

Illustrated By: Julia Vasileva

In this picture book, a child who is learning about self-love meets different challenges—like learning to ride a bike and being afraid of the dark—with the help of a cuddly creature representing their inner self.

Leon Levels Up

In this high-interest accessible novel for middle-grade readers, twelve-year-old gamer Leon is shocked when the cool kid invites him to test out a not-yet-released virtual-reality video game. When a glitch puts them in real-life danger, Leon must battle a dragon to save them both.

The Longest Shot

By: Chad Soon,
Illustrated By: Amy Qi

Part of the Orca Biography series for middle-grade readers, this illustrated nonfiction book for middle-grade readers tells the story of how Larry Kwong became the first player of Asian descent in the NHL.

My Life Off-Key

In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, Jen learns that her mom has been keeping a secret: Jen has a biological father who isn’t the dad she grew up with. Now this secret threatens to tear their family apart.