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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 80
Themes: bottled water, plastic, environment, sustainability, “green” living, waste reduction, conservation, ecology, ecological literacy
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 28/Mar/2016
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Justine is back! She’s worried about what plastic is doing to the environment and to her classmates, so she sets out to ban bottled water school-wide. The only problem is, the new principal, Dr. Proctor, isn’t on board. Justine will have to convince him and persuade her classmates if Project Bottle Throttle is going to succeed!

Justine McKeen, Bottle Throttle is the seventh book in the popular Justine McKeen series.

CM Magazine
“Illustrations by Dave Whamond provide descriptive and humourous additions to help young readers to comprehend and enjoy this novel… Brouwer provides the reader with the story's sources for the evidence presented. This inclusion demonstrates Brouwer's respect for the reader, as young as seven, and underlines that his character should not be taken at face value because what Justine says in the story about the environmental damage caused by plastic water bottles can be researched independently by the reader. Recommended.”


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