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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 34
Publisher: Crow Cottage
Pub Date: 07/Dec/2013
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Written and illustrated by local best-selling children’s author and illustrator team of Sheryl McFarlane and Sheena Lott (Jessie’s Island), Island Santa is based on the annual transformation of philanthropist Kaare Norgaard’s ship, the Blue Fjord, into a floating sleigh that delivered Christmas gifts to Gulf Islands children in need.

The story links the historical philanthropy of Kaare Norgaard to the current day philanthropy of Jeneece Edroff, who was the inspiration for Jeneece Place, a 10-bedroom home away from home for families travelling to Victoria for their child’s medical care.

Jeneece Place appears in the second last illustration in Island Santa, in the reunion scene between the protagonist and his father.

Island Santa was produced in 2012 by Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. Recommended reading ages 4-10