Finding Grace

  • Pages:176
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Series: The Gutsy Girl Series
  • Themes:separated twins, long lost sisters, mother daughter relationship
  • Available:03/15/2014
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
  • Lexile:630L
Growing up in the ‘50s with a single mother and no father, Hope is a loner with a wonderful imagination. The letters she writes to her imaginary friend, Grace, help her cope with the difficult times in her life - her mother's sad days, their money worries, the pressures of not fitting in. On her eleventh birthday, Hope is shocked to learn that Grace is real. Hope decides that by finding Grace, their family will be healed. But, like most adventures, things do not go exactly as she hopes.
Finding Grace is an enjoyable and positive read for middle grade girls.
– Readerly
Citra successfully tells a very focused, plot-driven story... Middle-grade readers will find Hope's letters and era-appropriate expressions quite endearing.
– Quill & Quire
Becky Citra has written a thoroughly enjoyable first entry to the “Gutsy Girl” series. Hope is a plucky, clever, protagonist that young girls will find inspiring.
– CM Magazine
Finding Grace is a quick and engaging read that draws the reader in with its authentic voice of a ten-year-old girl.... A great summertime read that deals with serious life issues in a refreshing manner.
– Resource Links
Shiela A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize   | 2015  |  Short-listed
Chocolate Lily Book Award   | 2016  |  Short-listed
Rocky Mountain Book Award   | 2016  |  Short-listed
Red Cedar Book Award   | 2016  |  Winner
Diamond Willow Award   | 2016  |  Short-listed