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The entire Orca Book Publishers catalog is available in digital formats on a variety of platforms. We have done our best to ensure that our books are available everywhere our customers might want them. If you have a favorite platform that isn’t listed below, and you want to see our books there, please email digital@orcabook.com.

Digital formats include:

  • PDF
  • Epub
  • Digital Subscription*

*Digital Subscriptions are available for purchase directly from our website. A digital subscription gets you multi-user access to every book in an Orca series—perfect for classroom use. An unlimited number of students can read the book at the same time; all that is required is a computer with internet access. See the full list of digital subscriptions.

Orca Book Publishers titles are available from the following ebook retailers:

Orca titles are available to schools and libraries through:

Orca also participates in a number of programs that carry select Orca titles:

Educational Platforms:

Family/Consumer Platforms:

A note about copyright and ebooks
At Orca Book Publishers we are proud of our authors. These talented and dedicated individuals provide readers with some of the finest stories to be found. We want our authors to continue doing what they do best: write great stories. When we, or any of our digital partners, set limitations on the use of an ebook, the intent is to ensure fair compensation that will allow writing and publishing communities to thrive in the digital age.