Digital Products and Licenses

Orca Book Publishers is pleased to offer a range of digital products to meet the needs of readers and educators and ensure our books are accessible to as many readers as possible. Orca books are available in print and ebook formats, and select titles are also available as narrated "Read-Aloud" ebooks and MP3 audiobooks.

When you purchase an ebook directly from Orca Book Publishers, ebook access will be provided through the Orca Digital platform. (Board books, picture books, some nonfiction titles and all books published before August 2023 will continue to be offered as downloadable files.) 

Digital Licenses

Orca produces ebooks and audiobooks with single-user licenses for individuals and multi-user licenses for schools and libraries. Ebooks can also be provided as part of a digital subscription on the Orca Digital platform.

Digital subscriptions include unlimited, multi-user access (from school or home) to all books in your subscription via the Orca Digital online e-reader and the Orca Digital app. Each reading platform includes features for users to adjust their reading preferences (screen brightness, font size). The Orca Digital app also allows readers to save books to their devices for offline reading.

When you purchase an individual ebook or audiobook from our website, it comes with a single-user license. This means that a single user may access the ebook or audiobook and the license is valid for as long as the file format is supported. For multi-user licenses, please so our list of pre-built digital subscriptions or contact for pricing and to discuss your school's or library's needs.


EPUB: EPUB files require an ebook reader program to open. Most smartphones, tablets, computers and e-readers have these programs installed and will open your file automatically. Popular ebook readers include Calibre (all devices), iBooks (Mac) and Bibliovore (Windows). Check your device's app store for the most up-to-date options.

MP3: MP3 files can be opened by a wide range of programs, including most web browsers. Most smartphones, tablets and computers have these programs installed and will open your file automatically.

If you have trouble accessing your Orca digital products, contact for assistance.


Please phone 1-800-210-5277 or email with any questions.