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Digital Subscriptions and Audiobooks

Digital Subscriptions

Orca Digital Subscriptions are a unique, easy and cost-effective way to provide ebooks to an entire class, school or library system. Our digital subscriptions provide access to ebooks for an unlimited number of readers at the same time. Digital subscriptions can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from school or home. All you need is a computer or device (including smartphones and tablets) and wifi connection.

Each subscription includes unlimited, multi-user access to all books in the collection. Access can be configuring using a single, centralized login, individual accounts for each user, or a custom button on your school/library website that places students directly into the subscription platform (no login necessary).

How does it work?

Pre-Built Digital Subscriptions

Orca offers a number of pre-built digital subscriptions for a wide range of ages and reading levels. To order one of these subscriptions, simply add it to your shopping cart, check out online, and our customer service team will be in touch to set up your access.

In addition to our one-year and five-year subscription options, Orca is pleased to now offer discounted three-month subscriptions to help educators and students access books during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Custom Digital Subscriptions

  1. Pick the books you would like in your subscription (minimum 12).
  2. Contact digital@orcabook.com or 1-800-210-5277 for a quote. Subscriptions are priced by the number and type of books you would like included in your subscription. Subscription prices start at $99 per year.
  3. Once you sign up, Orca will build your subscription and help configure access for your students.
  4. Students login through the web page (or custom configuration) and START READING. 

Q: What's the difference between an ebook and a digital subscription?
An ebook is downloadable to your device for you to keep forever, but it is a single license for a single reader. A Digital Subscription provides access to ebooks by an unlimited number of readers for a specific amount of time (1 or 5 years).

Q: How do students access the ebooks as part of the subscription? 
Students can read online (PC/MAC) or download ebooks to their own devices—including smartphones. They will need to download Adobe Digital Editions in order to download books for offline reading. We will provide instructions when you sign up. 

Q: How many books do I get in a digital subscription? 
Starting with a minimum of 12 ebooks, you can get as many of Orca’s ebooks as you want. We have ebooks for all of our print books, which means you have over 800 titles to choose from! 



Orca offers multiple audio formats across a wide range of books, from Read-Along picture books to pre-loaded GoReader devices to downloadable mp3s. Research shows that listening to audiobooks:

  • increases reading accuracy by 52%
  • improves comprehension by 76%
  • expands vocabulary and improves pronunciation
  • improves fluency and increases reading speed*

*Sources available at audiopub.org/uploads/pdf/SoundLearning-Bibliography-2016.pdf.  View Orca's full list of audiobooks here.