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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 240
Themes: Adolescence, coming of age
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Mar/2006
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“If any proof were needed that literature for young adults has come of age, Lisa Heggum has provided it in this extraordinary anthology, which demonstrates—once and for all—the inextricable connection between young adult and adult literature. Older teens and adults will recognize the commonalities of their interests and experiences in these superbly realized and selected short stories. Bravo!”
—Michael Cart, Booklist columnist and Founding Editor of Rush Hour

"Dark, tender, and funny, this is the book I wanted when I was a teen."
—Maggie MacDonald, author of Kill the Robot and member of the Hidden Cameras and Republic of Safety

This anthology combines powerful young adult fiction and adult fiction with teen appeal. It gathers stories of interest to older teen readers, an often overlooked group.

Many teens think young adult books are too simple or out of touch, or both. They often skip them entirely and turn to adult books, thinking they are more challenging. But these readers often have trouble locating adult literature that deals with issues relevant to their lives.

The stories in this collection are funny, nasty, playful, heartbreaking, angry, honest, authentic and surreal. They’re about family, friends, obstacles, searching, love, loss, music, sex, discovery and growing up.

Lisa Heggum, a librarian passionate about reaching older teen readers, has gathered stories from some of the brightest lights writing today.

Authors included in this anthology:

Gil Adamson
Diana Aspin
Gary Barwin
Martha Brooks
Ivan E. Coyote
Brian Doyle
Anne Fleming
Lee Henderson
James Henegan
Sheila Heti
Susan Kernohan
Carrie Mac
Derek McCormack
Janet McNaughton
Joe Ollmann
Michel Rabagliati
Stuart Ross
Arthur Slade
Susannah M. Smith
Ania Szado
Madeleine Thien
Tim Wynne-Jones