Achieving Indigenous Student Success

  • Pages:184
  • Publisher:Portage & Main Press
  • Themes:Professional Development for Teachers, indigenous education, inclusive education, diverse classrooms, truth and reconciliation
  • Pub Date:04/11/2016
  • Age Groups:Adult Nonfiction

In Achieving Indigenous Student Success, author Pamela Toulouse provides strategies, lessons, and hands-on activities that support both Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners in the secondary classroom. Read chapters on topics such as:

  • Indigenous Pedagogy and Classrooms Considerations
  • Indigenous Self-Esteem and Mental Health Activities
  • Differentiated Instruction and Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Attrition, Retention, Transition, and Graduation Continuum
  • Indigenous Themes and Material Resources
  • Culturally Appropriate Secondary Lesson Plans by Subject (including English, Math, Science, History, Geography, Health, Physical Education, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Technological Studies, Business Studies, Indigenous Worldviews, Guidance and Career Studies, and Social Studies and the Humanities)

This book is for all teachers of grades 9–12 who are looking for ways to infuse Indigenous perspectives into their courses. Ideas include best practices for retention/transition/graduation planning, differentiated instruction, assessment, and equity instruction. Using appropriate themes for curricular connections, the author presents a culturally relevant and holistic approach that helps to build bridges between cultures and fosters self-esteem in all students.