2021 Orca Soundings Ultra Readable Collection



Orca’s hi-lo books for striving readers are gripping, contemporary novels with short chapters, simplified sentence structures and fast-paced plots that push students to keep reading. Now, these best books for aspiring readers are available in an ultra-readable format so they can continue to create readers who reach for more books.

What’s new?

  • Now in a new ultra-readable, highly accessible format
  • Larger trim size
  • Dyslexia-friendly, more readable font
  • Increased spacing between words and lines
  • Cream-colored paper to minimize contrast so readers can focus more easily

The 2021 Ultra Readable Orca Soundings Collection includes 26 popular Orca Soundings titles: Back / Blood Donor / Blood Sport / Bodyguard / Double or Nothing / Dreaming in Color / Hey Jude / I Dare You / Mr. Universe / No More Pranks / Overdrive / Pickpocket / Sink or Swim / Snitch / Sticks and Stones / Stranded / Tell / The Rules Have Changed / The Thing You're Good At / Tornado / Truth / Viral / Another Miserable Love Song / Crime Club / He Who Dreams / Stuffed