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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 64
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
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Try out 18 of the newest Orca Echoes paperbacks.
  • At-level fiction for ages 6 to 8.
  • 64-80 pages each
  • Black-and-white illustrations
  • Themes include inclusivity, STEM, teamwork, friendship, imagination, nature, environmentalism, family, compromise, bullying, siblings, dyslexia and courage.
The following 18 titles are included in this collection:

Badir and the Beaver
Bats in Trouble
Beatrice More and the Perfect Party
Beatrice More Moves In
Bus to the Badlands
Cougar Frenzy
Ghost of the Mill House
The Great Googlini
Lark and the Dessert Disaster
Lark and the Diamond Caper
Lark Holds the Key
Lark Takes a Bow
Ospreys in Danger
Princess Angelica, Camp Catastrophe
Princess Angelica, Part-time Lion Tamer
Salamander Rescue
Where's Burgess?