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The Salmon Bears
Giants of the Great Bear Rainforest
Photographs by: Ian McAllister   By author: Nicholas Read
Selling Points: "Ecology, the environment, natural history, the cycle of life"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Apr/01/2010
Pages: 96
Nonfiction Ages 8-14
Price:  $18.95
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Extensively illustrated with Ian McAllister's magnificent photographs, The Salmon Bears explores the delicate balance that exists between the grizzly, black and spirit bears and their natural environment, the last great wilderness along the central coast of British Columbia. Key to this relationship are the salmon that are born in the rivers each spring, who then go out to sea as juveniles and return as adults to spawn and die, completing a cycle of life that ensures the survival of not only their own species but also virtually every other plant and animal in the rainforest.

In clear language suitable for young readers, the authors describe the day-to-day activities that define the lives of these bears through the four seasons. But this is also very much the story of the Great Bear Rainforest—a vast tract of land that stretches from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaska border and contains some of the largest stands of old-growth forest left on the West Coast. The Salmon Bears focuses on the interconnectedness of all life in the rainforest and makes a strong case for the importance of protecting this vital ecological resource.

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BC Studies - May 24, 2017
"Well written and organized, divided into short by rich chapters describing an aspect of the ecology through various themes pertaining to marine, aquatic, and terrestrial life…Captivating imagery supplied by Ian McAllister's world-famous photography and straightforward explanations that reach a broad audience…Excellent educational material for school children…Books like The Salmon Bear and The Great Bear Sea play a crucial role in educating us all—youth and adult—about the importance of stewardship and empathy."
BookLinx - January 30, 2012
"A fascinating book about the black, Spirit and grizzly bears of the Great Bear Rainforest...This book should be placed in every elementary classroom in North America."
PSLA Top Forty - June 1, 2011
"In addition to learning a lot about bears, readers will gain knowledge about the ecology of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia...McAllister's photography is spectacular."
The Barrie Advance - December 7, 2010
"Incredible photographs and captivating text will enthrall nature lovers ages nine and up, including adults. A must read about these fascinating Canadian bears. "
Canadian Teacher - November 1, 2010
"Illustrated with stunning photographs of the wolves and bears that live in the Great Bear Rainforest on the western edge of Canada...[Sea Wolves and Salmon Bears] would be useful for classroom units on animals, ecology, [and] wilderness conservation."
Canadian Children's Book News - July 1, 2010
"Close-up shots of bears in the wilderness are endlessly fascinating…An engaging book, written in a chatty, friendly tone that would be pleasing to read aloud."
School Library Journal - July 1, 2010
"Read's conversational text and McAllister's excellent photos provide a perfect framework for this evocative look at the big bears of the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, and an intriguing investigation of its ecological pattern of dependency…Superbly readable, informative, and attractive, this book provides a clear picture of a pristine environment and its major inhabitants."
Booklist - June 1, 2010
"Plentiful, well-captioned photographs capture bears and other animals in this lush landscape…The attractive format, with plenty of good-sized color photographs, and the informal, inviting tone make this a solid choice for browsers as well as school reports."
Quill & Quire - June 1, 2010
[Starred review] "A thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening read. The text's kid-friendly, informal tone helps steer the way through a mass of information…The Salmon Bears shines a spotlight on a precious national treasure and makes an impassioned case for protecting its future."
Resource Links - June 1, 2010
"Spectacular, appealing photographs appear on almost every page, enhancing the fact-filled dialogue. The bears look almost friendly and very photogenic!...Written in an appealing, lyrical style, this excellent book is appropriate for both early intermediate readers and older research students...This text should prove to be a popular addition."
CM Magazine - April 16, 2010
"The exceptional qualities of the Great Bear Rainforest will begin to captivate young readers on first glimpse…Each turn of the page brings you face to face with the bears…An engaging and valuable read. With so much at stake, its urgent messages are worth repeating for every generation. Highly Recommended."
The Globe and Mail - April 3, 2010
"This excellent book…[has] a sprightly narrative that takes the reader through a year in the life of a bear…The illustrations for this book, a plentitude of photographs…are nothing short of gorgeous."
The Vancouver Sun - March 27, 2010
"Has something to offer all ages."


CYBIL Award nominee, short-listed  CA  2010
Silver Birch Non-fiction Award nominee, short-listed  CA  2011
OLA Best Bets, commended  CA  2010
Quill & Quire Best of the Year, commended  CA  2010
Resource Links "The Year's Best", commended  CA  2010
BC Book Prize - Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize nominee, short-listed  CA  2011
CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2011

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