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Razor's Edge
By author: Nikki Tate
Selling Points: "Harness racing, gambling, racism, friendship"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Oct/01/2009
Lexile Level: 660L
Fry Reading Level: 3.1
Pages: 168
Fiction Ages 10+
Price:  $9.95
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I noticed a few cockroaches crawling near Jason's skates. He stepped on one of them, popping it like a cherry tomato. Bug juice sprayed.
A single cockroach dropped from the shoulder pads and landed between his skates.

Travis and his best friends Ryan and Jasper live for the thrill of watching their horses race. When a thief starts hacking off the tails of Standardbred horses stabled at Blackdown Park, suddenly the track isn't such a great place to hang out. Things get even more unpleasant when a troubled girl comes between Travis and his friends. Travis has to make some tough choices, but how can he stand by his friends when he no longer trusts them?
Tacoma School District #10 - August 8, 2012
"The story is realistic and will appeal to reluctant readers."
Resource Links - April 1, 2010
"One of the finest. This novel gets off to a quick start and doesn't stop, exploring a number of complex issues along the way."
CM Magazine - January 22, 2010
"As the tension mounts in the story, [Tate]...captures the excitement and uncertainty that can come along with dating someone new and unknown, and she mixes in vivid descriptions of scenes that involve a fight, a kiss, and a race...Razor's Edge reads like a real life mystery...Highly recommended."
The Globe and Mail - December 7, 2009
"A flawless teenage tale. There is no black, no white; just, as is the case in life, only shades of confusing and complicated grey wound around hearts and hormones…Tate offers hope and sadness, not as a solution but as reality."


Resource Links "The Year's Best", commended  CA  2010
CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2011


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