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Lucy Tries Short Track
By author: Lisa Bowes   Illustrated by: James Hearne
Selling Points: short track, speed skating, sports, winter sports, track, racing, skates, friends, physical literacy, skills, movement, Olympics
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Jan/19/2016
Pages: 32
Picture Book
Price:  $12.95
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After trying the sliding sport of luge, Lucy is back for another speedy adventure—this time, she laces up her skates and tries short track speed skating. It’s not as easy as it looks. When you skate really fast around tight turns, you just might crash! But with her friends at her side, Lucy skims across the ice in a thrilling race to the finish.

Lucy Tries Short Track is the second book in the Lucy Tries Sports series, designed to encourage children to get active and participate in sports. For more information or to find out what Lucy will try next, visit
Catriona Le May Doan, OC and two time Olympic Speed Skating Champion - October 10, 2016
"The Lucy Tries Sports series teaches how sport is about fun and healthy competition. They also introduce various different sports to young kids and hopefully inspire them to stay active and healthy. I love that my kids can read the series in English and French. These books are a must for the entire family."
Resource Links - April 1, 2016
"Lucy is a wonderful role-model for both girls and boys, with a positive attitude toward learning and practicing the sports she enjoys to keep physically active. The story and illustrations have a gentle way of teaching sportsmanship and fair play...A cheery, upbeat series, and is recommended for school and public libraries."
CM Magazine - January 8, 2016
"What makes the 'Lucy Tries Sports' series so wonderful is that they highlight unusual sports in an energetic and positive way...Lucy and her friends don’t look at losing as something to be ashamed of or angry about. Their race is meant for fun and excitement, and it’s a joy to read about the girls supporting one another, even in the face of defeat...Herne’s illustrations do an excellent job of matching the movement of the text. As the girls race, the illustrations become slightly blurred, as if the racers are moving so fast it’s hard to get a still shot. This is a fantastic way to emphasize the speed and movement of the characters, giving the story the feel of a live action event... With the same bouncing rhythm, action filled illustrations, and positive look at getting out and trying a new sport [as the first book], this is a delightful and encouraging read. Fans of Lucy Tries Luge will love this new addition to the series, and those who haven’t yet met Lucy will adore reading about this friendly and outgoing girl’s sporting adventures on the short track. Highly Recommended."
School Library Journal - January 1, 2016
"Children will learn about how the skaters turn around the tight corners and how they cheer one another on, even after the race is over. The main character is not the winner in this story but is a good sport and strong competitor...Will show young athletes the pros and cons of a sport that requires speed, balance, and courage."
Jessica Gregg, Olympic Medalist in Short Track Speed Skating - December 18, 2015
"The Lucy Tries Sport series are great books for children of any age. They exemplify the importance of sportsmanship, healthy competition, and most importantly show that sports can be so much fun! I would highly recommend everyone to add this series to their collection!"
Marc Gagnon, Five-Time Olympic Medalist in Short Track Speed Skating - June 1, 2015
“This book really represents the community of speed skating in Canada: members and athletes getting together in a fair-play atmosphere for the love of sport where we can also see, outside of the rink, great friendships.”

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