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By author: Shelley Hrdlitschka
Selling Points: "Peer pressure, friendship, romance"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Apr/01/2008
Lexile Level: 660
Pages: 272
Fiction Ages 12+
Price:  $9.95
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Warren stands tall and proud, still gorgeous despite his forced swim. He nods. "I’d like to thank you all for being so gullible, making it so easy for me to steal your beads."
An empty beer can is tossed at Warren's head, and then another.
"Back in the pond," Jerod orders.

It's "bead season" at slippery rock high. This year the bead-snatching grad game called "Gotcha" has been banned as an official school activity because the teachers have decided to put an end to a dangerous tradition. After paying an entry fee the players are given a bead and someone's name. The object of the game is snatch the bead of your victim and take their name. The winner ends up with all the beads—and all the money.

After the game is banned it becomes even more appealing. The game goes underground and more grads than ever are participating. Katie is reluctant to join in, but as a member of grad council she feels she has to go along.

The game quickly spins out of control. Katie finds herself losing friends and falling victim to her classmates' obsession with the game. She considers dropping out of the game but then devises a better way of getting even with her classmates. Katie finds herself sliding further and further down the chute that leads to disaster. Can she bring a safe end to this deadly game?
SWON Libraries - January 13, 2009
"Covers some very important matters: honesty, integrity, right and wrong, and peer pressure...Will keep readers turning the pages. Recommended." - November 1, 2008
"Shelley Hrdlitschka writes an interesting book that looks at what adrenaline and competitiveness can do to humans, how it can change them. The book has many plot twists that keep the reader engaged and wanting more."
Happy Tiler Blog - October 20, 2008
"Rich with the complexities of teen behavior, a great concept full of substance and peppered with intrigue makes for an exciting teen novel...[Hrdlitschka] does an excellent job entertaining while educating the reader on how teen choices can quickly and inadvertently go awry."
South Western Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group - September 16, 2008
"Wrapped up in the storyline of the Gotcha game is romance, family drama, teenage angst, and mob mentality. The fast paced action of this book keeps the reader hooked."
WASHYARG - September 1, 2008
"Fast-paced and exciting...worth having in your YA collection."
Canadian Children's Book News - August 1, 2008
"Award-winning author Shelley Hrdlitschka spins this idea into a fast-paced and thrilling read for older teens, looking closely at the idea of mob mentality, and how even the smartest of people can get swept away with the crowd."
Resource Links - April 1, 2008
"An intriguing look into high school social life…Teen readers will thoroughly enjoy reading this novel!"
CM Magazine - March 21, 2008


White Pine nominee, short-listed  CA  2009
Resource Links "The Year's Best", commended  CA  2008
OLA Best Bets, commended  CA  2008
CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2009
Stellar Award nominee, short-listed  CA  2011

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