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Fouling Out
By author: Gregory Walters
Selling Points: "Abuse, friendship, loyalty"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Apr/01/2008
Lexile Level: 820
Pages: 176
Fiction Ages 10-15
Price:  $8.95
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At school, I suddenly knew what it was like to be popular. Everyone wanted to talk to me and I didn't for a minute kid myself into thinking they had taken a genuine interest in me. They didn't care about my running or my thoughts on music anymore than they ever had. They always started out with some lame personal questions, but it was all just a lead-up to the inevitable inquisition. Do you know where he is? Did you ever see his dad beat him? What does squirrel meat taste like?

Craig and Tom have been friends since second grade, but that was five years ago and Craig is getting sick of Tom's out-of-bounds behavior. When Craig begins to realize that he may have more potential in school than he ever thought, he starts to distance himself from Tom, who is both the class clown and the school bully. But severing ties with an old friend is never easy, and a foolhardy incident in a local park pulls Craig back into Tom's orbit. Faced with the realities of Tom's home life, Craig must determine the limits of this volatile friendship.
VOYA - October 1, 2008
'Readers will identify with the tensions that come as one person outgrows another and the need to move on."
South Western Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group - September 1, 2008
"An intriguing coming of age story sure to be injoyed by readers as Craig faces his fears, admits his mistakes and discovers what it means to be a true friend."
Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium - September 1, 2008
"The main character in this book is funny and engaging, yet gives the reader insights into the isolation and confusion that often plagues adolescence...Recommended for Grade(s) 6, 7 [as part of the B.C. curriculum]."
Deakin Newsletter - June 1, 2008
"Gregory Walters has given us an interesting character study and a satisfying, even engaging, story."
Resource Links - April 1, 2008
"A very heart-warming tale that is not preachy or sugar coated."
CM Magazine - March 7, 2008


Resource Links "The Year's Best", commended  CA  2008
CCBC Best Books, commended  CA  2009

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