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By author: Ted Staunton
Selling Points: "humor, brothers, loyalty, spies"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Oct/01/2014
Pages: 224
Fiction Ages 10-15
Price:  $10.95
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When his brother Bunny vanishes from the Toronto City Hall skating rink, Spencer, a budding filmmaker, finds himself plunged into the stuff of movie thrillers: kidnapping, terrorists, intrigue, a missing document, a world-famous pop star, disguises, romance and a rogue alligator. As he races the clock to save his brother, he must sort the real from the make-believe and unravel a murder mystery involving his grandfather. The last time Spencer got tangled up in an adventure from his grandfather’s past, he didn’t believe it was for real. Now he can’t get anyone to believe him when he says that Bunny has been kidnapped and that someone is going to die.

Coda is the sequel to both Speed, part of The Seven Prequels and Jump Cut, part of Seven (The Series).
Canadian Teacher Magazine - September 1, 2015
“A good choice for anyone who likes mystery and action books as well as the Seven Series.”
Resource Links - December 1, 2014
"Oddball characters like Bun’s program supervisor Roz, and the counterrevolutionary Dusan, are carefully drawn complex individuals who enliven the plot and make it believable...This book will be of great appeal to junior high students, both boys and girls."
CM Magazine - September 5, 2014
"A fun read with interesting characters and a quirky plotline."
School Library Journal - September 1, 2014
"This thrill-a-minute series will hook reluctant readers as well as fans of James Bond and Jason Bourne."
Kirkus Reviews - August 15, 2014
"Part 007 and part Mr. Bean, Spencer is the perfect combination of nerdy secret agent and bumbling, lovesick teen. Surprising twists, dangerous foes and a generous helping of mac 'n' cheese make for a suspenseful mystery with a hint of romance. This clever spy adventure features a likable hero and bursts with enough film references to satisfy all but the most hard-core movie buffs."

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