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By author: Michele Martin Bossley
Selling Points: "Bio-piracy, mystery, science"
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: Oct/01/2008
Lexile Level: HL570L
Fry Reading Level: 4.0
Pages: 128
Fiction Ages 10-14
Price:  $9.95
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It had only been seconds, but I glanced up and realized that I was alone in the office. The rest of the class had already reached the stairwell.
A pair of eyeballs peered over the edge of the desk. I froze in shock.
They were human eyeballs...that were still attached to a human head.
I suppressed the urge to yell as a guy popped up from behind a desk and started toward me. Something metal gleamed in one hand. He had a scruffy goatee, a nose ring and a tattoo on his upper arm.
The spit in my mouth dried instantly. My feet were moving before my brain gave the command to run. I sped out of the office and down the stairs, slamming the door behind me.

Trevor, Robyn and Nick decide they have a mystery to solve when Trevor discovers a suspicious looking young man snooping around. They learn about missing research involving the use of carob beans to aid in cancer treatment-potentially valuable information. With a shady looking grad student, a bitter activist and an employee of a medical research firm to deal with, our amateur sleuths are faced with their greatest challenge yet.
CM Magazine - September 11, 2009
"This mystery involving a shady graduate student and a vengeful activist is right up the alley for the amateur sleuths…and the ending makes the reader realize that right and wrong frequently have shades of grey. Recommended."
Resource Links - February 1, 2009
"This is a fast-paced novel useful in a reading-tutor class...great for a grade 9 or 10 student in such a class." [Rated Excellent.]
Tucson Unified School District - November 1, 2008
"Highly recommended."


Resource Links "The Year's Best", commended  CA  2009


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